Matero Magic Girls win Tuelings challenge

MATERO Magic girls beat Mapoloto 16 – 9 in the 3 on 3 Tuelings Youth Sport Basketball Challenge.
The games, which were played at the Olympic Youth Development Centre on Saturday hosted fifteen teams.
According to the OYDC website, It did not only end in style with the girls showing off their impressive scoring skills but also in the boys U15 where Matero Magic outclassed Leopards with 14 – 6.
Teulings Basketball coordinator Nicolas Phiri, gave a lay down on how the games were played stating that 9 games were played in the three age categories; U15 boys, U12 boys, and U15 girls.
He named Matero Magic, Breathe of Heaven, Leopards, Sport in Action, Hurricanes, and Mapoloto as the teams that participated in the Teulings 3 x 3 Basketball Challenge.
Meanwhile, Phiri said mentioned that he has two players – Irene Phiri and Gent Makabakano – whom spectators and basketball enthusiasts should look out for as future stars.
The 3 on 3 Teulings league games will conclude in October with the recognition of outstanding players at the “Grand finale”.

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