Eat PF money but give us your vote, Musenge tells Kalulushi, Mufulira voters


NATIONAL Democratic Congress secretary general Mwenya Musenge says that the PF has disappeared from the Copperbelt and his party has taken over.
And Musenge has appealed to residents of Mufulira and Kalulushi where there will be local government by-elections “to eat their (PF) money and give us their vote”.
In a statement, Musenge stated that President Edgar Lungu wasting his time visiting the Copperbelt as his planned campaigns this weekend would not yield any results as the ruling party’s dominance was non-existent.

“According to information availed to members of the public, the President will be in the region on a two-day working visit. The truth of the matter is that Mr Lungu is visiting the Copperbelt to conduct campaigns this Saturday in two local government wards. This is ahead of polls on Tuesday, 24th April next week. The two wards are: Luapula in Kalulushi and Kansuswa in Mufulira district. Mr. Lungu is panicking and knows that the chances of PF winning the said local government seats are narrow,”

Musenge claimed.

“The region is gone and the NDC has taken over the Copperbelt. No amount of manipulation, intimidation and vote buying will sway the vote in Mufulira and Kalulushi districts. We are aware that the PF government wants to block NDC consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili, who is expected to hold rallies in these two towns this Saturday. Attempt’s by Mr. Lungu and the PF to block the NDC from proceeding with their planned political gatherings won’t change the mindsets of the electorates. These useless activities are in vain as the people of the Copperbelt have already made up their minds.”

Musenge stated that the PF in its panic mode would parade a number of defectors to try and appease President Lungu.

“These useless activities are in vain as the people of the Copperbelt have already made up their mind. We are aware that PF will parade a number of defectors this Saturday to try and appease Mr Lungu, but this will be an exercise in futility. As NDC, we appeal to residents in these two towns to eat their money and give us their vote. This regime is extremely treacherous. The PF is now taking last minute development to Kansuswa in Mufulira. Roads are being upgraded by AVIC International in the area. These are roads that have not been budgeted for,”

Musenge said as he urged his party supporters to turn out in large numbers in saying goodbye to PF in the region.

“The people of the Copperbelt should shun the Presidential visit by Mr Lungu as a way to show him that residents are not happy with his governance style. Let’s stand firm and united and defeat the PF in next Tuesday’s local government polls,” appealed Musenge.
The local government polls take place on Tuesday next week.
And NDC mobilisation chairman Christopher Mutale said President Lungu’s visit to the Copperbelt was a deliberate ploy to disturb his party’s campaign programme.

Mutale, whose campaign team has been on a trail to solicit support for their local government candidates in various wards, said President Lungu’s visit to the Copperbelt today for two days had disturbed their planned rally dates.

President Lungu arrives on the Copperbelt today (Friday) ahead of the Kansuswa and Luapula by-elections in Mufulira and Kalulushi respectively.

“They don’t want any political party to have their rallies, they prefer PF to have rallies than the opposition. They are afraid, they fear, they know that they will lose the elections. It’s unfortunate. It means that we have to change the goal posts and that will disadvantage us in terms of mobilising our people in this election. PF should have maintained the same schedule which was made earlier so that our campaign can be as planned. This is a deliberate move because they know that they are losing,”

said Mutale.

Meanwhile, NDC chairperson for elections Ackson Simwezya has asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia to declare the Mutundu ward vacant after the conviction of area PF councillor Jonathan Ntambo by the Mufulira Magistrates’ Court.

“Ntambo is currently serving a one-year sentence at Mufulira Central Prison for theft. The NDC has information that the PF has instructed the District Electoral Officer in the affected locality not to write to the ECZ to declare the local government seat vacant. We have information that the PF Mufulira district chairman Dominic Mwale has instructed the Town Clerk of Mufulira not to inform the ECZ on the conviction of the Mutundu, ward councillor,”

he said.

“We are optimistic that the ECZ Will follow this issue with interest. We demand that the seat be declared vacant as Ntambo has served three month’s of the one-year jail sentence.”
Simwezya also stated that the NDC would participate in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election and in local government by-elections to take place on June 5 this year.
“NDC is slowly turning out to be a vanguard party and as such, the grouping will endeavour to contest all future by-elections that might arise. The NDC will use these polls to test its swelling popularity,” stated Simwezya.

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