Kafue MP bemoans non-payment of salaries for NCZ workers

KAFUE UPND member of parliament Mirriam Chonya has expressed concern over the non-payment of March salaries to Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia workers.
And unionized workers at the company have embarked on a campaign aimed at removing the NCZ management for allegedly failing to perform to their expectations.

In an interview, Chonya wondered how the government expected the workers to support their families.

“How does government expect the workers and their families to survive amid such economic hardships? It’s so sad that government has decided to overlook the plight of these workers,” she said.

Chonya said it was unimaginable that the entire month had gone by without the government paying the workers, adding that the next salary was almost due.
She called on the government to quickly address the plight of the workers. Unionised NCZ workers have embarked on a campaign dubbed ‘Zuze must go’ aimed at removing their management led by chief executive officer Zuze Banda for allegedly failing to perform to their expectations.

In an interview in Kafue, the workers vowed to ensure that the current management was removed, accusing it of causing suffering to both workers and retirees.
Speaking on behalf of other workers, Gift Chanda said failure by the government to remove the NCZ management would adversely affect the PF’s chances in the 2021 general elections.
“Our appeal to government is to remove the entire Zuze Banda Management and dissolve the NCZ union because they have brought misery to the workers. If government ignores our demand then it’s their own peril. Come 2021 we will show them the exit door and that is when they will know that we meant what we said,” said Chanda.

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