Break silence on parentage, Mukuni and Hamusonde urge Lungu

SENIOR chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya speaking people of Livingstone and Kazungula districts in Southern Province says President Edgar Lungu should urgently redeem the country from his parentage “nightmare” by breaking his deafening silence on the matter.

And senior chief Hamusonde of the Tonga-speaking people of Monze district says him and senior chief Mukuni have seen it fit to comment on President Lungu’s nationality as a matter of defending the Republican Constitution and not for any other reason.

Addressing journalists at Best Western Plus Grand Hotel in Lusaka yesterday, senior chief Mukuni, who was flanked by senior Hamusonde, disclosed that a Prime TV programme dubbed Oxygen of Democracy that was aired on Monday, April 16, had shocking revelations about President Lungu’s Zambian citizenship.

On the said TV programme, People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti and New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale went ‘wide and far’ in dismissing President Lungu’s ‘claimed’ Zambian nationality.

“We would like to advise our country women and men that in trying to get to the truth in the midst of the [nationality] allegations – for only the truth can set us free – we should all distance ourselves from the worrisome developing tendency in our country where criminals are made to look like law-abiding citizens and law-abiding citizens are made to look like criminals. That granted, we should give due care and weight to each side of the divide. Our roles as we try to discern the truth from the lies on both sides of the divide…we should exercise caution as we try to separate truth from lies or lies from truth,” senior chief Mukuni said.

He added that Mulongoti and Siwale’s sustained allegations that “our beloved and humble” President Lungu was a personality fraud needed a contextual response from the accused because they amounted to an attack on constitutionalism and dented the presidency.

“You (journalists) will therefore understand our grave concern and urgent appeal to His Excellency and humble President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to redeem the nation from this [nationality] nightmare by breaking his deafening silence by telling his side of the story and shaming the complainants,” senior chief Mukuni stressed.

“However, if the President has no leg to stand on as regards these allegations, he may elect to remain silent rather than incriminate himself. In trying to entangle ourselves from this cleverly crafted web, let us put our country before self. Let us be level-headed in our common defense of our Constitution and the Zambian dream of peace, equality before the law, inclusive democracy and shared economic prosperity,” he noted.

Chief Mukuni said in the face of the severity of the allegations by Mulongoti and Siwale, it would be of utmost importance and urgency to arrive at the truth, wherever it was, about President Lungu’s nationality.

“If the allegations through transparent and unbiased scrutiny prove to be unfounded, the two gentlemen (Mulongoti and Siwale) should face the relevant laws to deter future national rubble-rousers. Equally, if on the other hand the allegations turn out to be true that indeed our President is Jonathan Mutawale, he must dissolve his government and presidency forthwith so that Zambia can forge ahead,” said senior chief Mukuni.

Asked if by coming out to seek clarity on President Lungu’s nationality the action would not extend a tribal divide in the country as opposed unity, senior chief Mukuni reiterated that the issue was about defending the Constitution.

“If you ask Kaunda, he will tell you that the closest chief that he had was Mukuni. Go and ask RB; he will tell you that chief Mukuni was his closest. I worked with him all over. The question of tribe was not coming out! This is not about tribe but constitutionalism. For one to say because I’m from Southern Province then I’m not entitled to defend my Constitution, no! I wouldn’t keep quiet,” said senior chief Mukuni.

Senior chief Hamusonde, in response to some questions from journalists, said: “Mr Mulongoti has got nothing to do with Southern Province; Mr Siwale has got nothing to do with Southern Province. Why does the reporter touch on the inclination of tribe when the complainants don’t come from Southern Province? When a person from Southern Province comes to defend the Constitution, it is tribe! How do you distinguish these things? Are you saying the people of Southern Province should not say anything because it will be treated as tribal? It’s unfortunate!”

Earlier, the duo indicated that chiefs should not shy away from being the voice of conscience, the voice of reason and the voice of hope for mother Zambia.

“Yes, it is our considered view that the chiefs have to be the voice of the voiceless; they should be that unrelenting and indefatigable voice of the silent majority,” noted chiefs senior chiefs Mukuni and Hamusonde.
A fortnight ago, some Eastern Province chiefs led a Zanis reporter to a village in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s area where President Lungu is reported to have hailed.
Last week Mulongoti said President Lungu could be “a miracle child” from outer space, hence the contradictory statements on his parentage.
And Mulongoti says President Lungu’s parentage is too serious a matter to die naturally.
“Look, all presidents in State House we have heard them [before] saying they have funerals, weddings. [But] this one is an exception to that rule; we’ve never heard him (President Lungu) attend a funeral of his family member, a wedding of his family member. Surely, where does he come from where they don’t die, where they don’t marry? It’s not normal and this is what is making us to ask questions. We have this miracle child who the chiefs are saying ‘these are his parents’ [but] his own book [‘Against All Odds’ by Anthony Mukwita] is saying ‘these are his parents.’ These mysteries are beginning to worry us. We need to get to the bottom of this so that he can comfort us that he is one of us. Mind you, he could be an alien [from] outer space! How do we know? Is it possible that the name of your mother…. You have no bereavements in the family, you have no ceremonies; this is not possible. I’m an African and I have got an extended family – I attend these funerals, weddings and what have you,” said Mulongoti, who has since requested the Public Protector to investigate the Head of State’s origins and inform the nation.

On the same programme, New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale said inquiring about who President Lungu could not be equal to witch-hunting.
“As I continued to research, I found that actually he (President Lungu) was not what he said he was! He had stolen an identity of another person. He (President Lungu) went to a school in Ndola in Kabushi, Kaloko Primary School, then later went to Masala [Secondary School] and failed in form three, hence this Grade 12 issue because he’s never had that Grade 12 [certificate]. The person he has stolen his identify from, the father to Tasila, the late Edgar Chagwa Lungu, went to Ishuko in Chimwemwe, Kitwe then Mukuba and from there went to the [Zambia] National Service and then went to the University of Zambia where he met Tasila’s mother, Dorothy Machanda. They got married in Mtendere and later moved to Kabwata. Nine days ago, I gave him an ultimatum that within seven days he must prove to the nation that he is who he says he is, Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The seven days ended on Saturday….”

Siwale also highlighted the inconsistencies in Against All Odds where it is recorded that the President’s mother was Eliza Jere while Petauke chiefs said his mother was Enelesi Zulu. “So you see there are two individuals here because there is no way one person can have two mothers,” said Siwale who also expressed shock that the President does not seem to know that he was a partner in a Livingstone law firm.

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  1. Kasongo Wabaluba

    April 21, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Zambians are enemies of themselves.
    Where is the OP?
    Are they no longer competent or they are just watching from the terraces while Zambia deteriorates to a ‘junk’ state? Up there Power blinds and wrongs are not seen at all. Are we going to allow all the nonsense we are seeing growing from one level to the other?

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