Kambwili criticises the minimum Grade 12 certificate ‘law’ for political leaders as useless

IT is a folly to adopt a law which only allows people who have reached grade twelve to aspire for political office when the country does not have enough schools, says Chishimba Kambwili.

Addressing voters in Chiuyu ward in Sinda to drum support for Chikumbutso Chipangula, Kambwili said the National Democratic Congress when voted into government would do away with the law meant to demean citizens who have not gone as far as grade twelve.

Kambwili questioned the rationale of enacting such a law when the country had no schools to match with the population.

“These people (PF) are saying for anybody to be a councillor or an MP, he must be a grade twelve, but this country does not have so many schools. We don’t have schools so this thing of saying a councillor or an MP must have a grade 12 certificate makes no sense. When we come as NDC, we shall remove that useless law. They are insulting people that have not reached grade 12 because it’s not right to think that only grade twelve have got the wisdom. To be a leader you don’t need academic papers, you only need to be wise and wisdom comes from God,”

Kambwili said.

“We want to respect anybody who has the qualities to be a leader to be afforded an opportunity to be a leader whether they are grade twelve or not grade twelve. After all since independence all the councillors that were there and have done great jobs were not grade twelve.”

Kambwili, who was in the company of NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge and several members of the party’s central committee, further informed the residents of Sinda that because of their thirst for money and stealing, the PF government had brought a law which would see Zambians pay to own a well.
He said it was unimaginable that the government, which had failed to make piped water available, would ratify a law to charge people for their wells.

“Imagine this government has brought a law where they want people to start paying for wells [boreholes]. Can you imagine that the government fails to bring water here but comes and charges you for your well at 875 [units], which is stealing from the people of Zambia. The PF have stolen a lot of money from the government and when they come to give you the money [saying] that ‘vote for us’, get the money but don’t vote for them,”

he said.

Kambwili said it was inexcusable that a village located near the main road had no electricity. He said there was no power in most places in the country because the PF’s priority was only about stealing and that projects that did not financially benefit their pockets were treated as being of secondary nature.

“53 years after independence, there is no way we can have a village which is near the tarmac being without electricity. If you go to South Africa, if you go to Botswana, even if you live in a grass thatched house, there is electricity, there is a TV, there is a fridge. This is the way we want our people here to also live. So we are asking you to work with us, we are honest people and promise that a journey of a thousand miles, start with one step. You people here can start that one step by electing Chikumbutso Chipangula as your councillor,”

Kambwili said.

After the meeting in Chiuyu, Kambwili held another meeting in Chiweza ward. In Chiweza, the meeting was opened by a 76-year-old retired teacher, Alexander Joswa Mumba, who bemoaned the lack of tolerance for divergent views among political players. Mumba said the opposition were the “political brakes” in a multi-party dispensation.

“There was one time when we wanted to quit teaching so that we go to our homes because of the violence that happened to us but now since Zambia has taken 53 years from independence and had one party state which was changed by you Zambians…now Jinga iliye ma brake yupaya abululu (a bicycle without breaks kills) so political brakes are opposition members,”

Mumba said.

“If you want to go back to one party state, one day you will get a dictator like Mussolini and you are going to cry like babies. If you cry, you are lucky but sometimes you die in silence and women are the ones who suffer most if there is no democracy. In Zaire (Congo DR) there is no good democracy but here let’s allow Kambwili to talk. Don’t silence him because there is no democracy in that way. God bless you all.”

Kambwili said Zambia was in economic turmoil because the current PF had turned into a thieving curtail.

He told the people that PF founder Michael Sata, with a few people that surrounded him, formed the party with a view to alleviate the suffering of the Zambians but death robbed the country of that dream. Kambwili said after realising that the current PF did not embrace the same vision as Sata, he had offered himself to walk the late president’s footsteps in saving Zambians from social and economic grief.

Kambwili was in Nyimba to drum up support for NDC candidate Ernest Mumba ahead of the April 24 local government elections.

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