You can’t grab a piece of meat from Lungu’s hand – Mutale

EDGAR Lungu, the way I know him, is not a person you can grab a piece of meat from his hand when he is on the table eating, says Petauke PF supporter and former Sinda party secretary Katongo Mutale.
In a press statement, Mutale said those that want to advise President Lungu in a wrong way would not achieve anything as the Head of State needs humbleness and respect when expressing views to him.

“What I mean is that President Edgar Lungu is a human being like any other human being who is not 100% and can make mistakes but the problem I have observed is that some leaders when trying to advise the President on certain things don’t approach him with respect, they don’t humble themselves and like that never should they expect President Lungu to listen to their views,” he said.

“As far as I know him, President Edgar Lungu is a person you cannot grab a peace of meat from his hand when he is on the table eating nshima, you need wisdom,”

he stated.

He claimed that President Edgar Lungu has always listened to his views because he approaches him with respect, humbleness and politeness.

“Lungu is truly a listening President and I can confirm that he is because from the time I have been expressing my views to him in respect, humbleness and politeness, he has taken my advice but [if] you go to him boasting then you are wasting your time,”

Mutale stated.

He also hailed President Lungu for massive developments countrywide such as mobile towers, roads, newly declared districts.
However, Mutale requested the President to see to it that agriculture was prioritised as failure to address the sector could compromise the PF’s success in 2021 since the majority of voters were farmers.

“Money is no longer in circulation and why has money become a problem in Zambia? It’s because agriculture has been neglected and I appeal to my able leadership of President Edgar Lungu that as he is the chief of the armed forces, let him take charge of agriculture sector to ensure the ministers of Agriculture and defence do a good job because the two ministries build a nation. The issue of e voucher is a non-starter in Zambia and Africa at large. We have to go back to the old agriculture system where cooperatives were in charge and they were able to determined farmers and their level of capacity than what is happening now. I feel if agriculture is left unchecked, it will affect us in 2021 because the majority of voters are farmers whom we have shown heartlessness to them. What have they done to receive such kind of poor services?”

he asked.

“Imagine in Petauke out of 84,000 farmers who paid for FISP (farmer input support programme) only 26,000 had their e-voucher cards activated. How do you think those that were left out are feeling? Government asked farmers to contribute K400 which they have always done but government has failed to contribute K1,600 to the farmers, what are we trying to show? It’s not true what ministers say in Parliament that agriculture is doing fine, they are liars who need to protect their jobs and satisfy their selfishness but the truth is agriculture has been killed and it needs to be revamped.”

Mutale warned that failure to pay farmers in time, and supplying them with inputs was a challenge to the success of the PF government.
On the impeachment motion submitted to Parliament by the UPND, Mutale said it was a good idea but the party spearheading it was a wrong one.

“Whichever the case, we can say the idea is right as per constitution but the problem I have is that the party spearheading it is not worth to do it. Why? You can’t divorce a woman you have not married before. How and on what grounds can you claim divorce? Now the parry spearheading impeachment process doesn’t recognise President Edgar Lungu as a dully-elected president and how can they impeach someone they don’t know nor recognise? It’s a baseless issue to my side, which should be ignored and allow Lungu to complete his term so that if any thing let it be in 2021; for now let him work,”

Mutale said.

But Mutale said for 12 years he has been in PF, he has not benefited anything.

“I have served for more than 12 years in PF but I have not benefited anything. I have no job, I have a company and I have never been awarded a contract even if one checks in PF books there is nothing I have benefited. I have educated my children and my relatives from my own money but the love I have for the party makes me keep supporting it until the end,” said Mutale.

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