We didn’t form PF for stealing – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says Zambia is dirty and needs to be washed clean.

And Kambwili has said the Patriotic Front was not formed so that its leaders should be stealing.

Speaking in Shibuyunji’s Nampundwe ward to drum up support for National Democratic Congress candidate Mungandi Mubita ahead of the April 24 local government elections, Kambwili said President Edgar Lungu and his ministers were “soiling the governance process”.

He said the country needs a radical leader to transform it.

Kambwili, the PF Roan member of parliament and NDC consultant, said leadership was not about being at the office every day but about working for the people in a prudent manner.

“We did not form PF so that leaders should be stealing the country’s wealth and make themselves rich. The current leaders in this government are thieves and if you have leaders who are thieves, what happens is what is happening now; people suffer. Leadership is not just about waking up in the morning, washing your face and being at your office and you claim that you are a leader, a minister. A sensible minster should assess himself each day on what he has done for the Zambian People,”

Kambwili said.

“What is happening in this country now is that people are playing with leadership. Instead of using leadership to work for people, they are soiling leadership. The leadership of Mr Lungu is soiled. This country is very dirty, it’s been soiled, it needs a tough leader to come and wash it clean. Most of the leaders we have have, never suffered before. The current leaders are liars and playing around.”

He further said he would not allow children to go through hardships he went through as a child.

Kambwili, however, said it was the citizens that allowed leaders to be “stupid” in their governance style because “after lying, citizens accept petty gifts in exchange for a vote”.

“I would not want to see these children suffer the way I suffered as a child and that is why I want to work hard so that we lay a better life for these children, so that people can live well. Nomba intungulushi tukwete nomba…icho baikalila kubepa ubufi. Lelo nga baisa ati iyo uyu musebo twalawamya elo bamisha but namailo babwela. Nomba imwe bantu nimwe bene mulenga intungulushi ukutumpa. Pantu nga baisa notutenge, tu kapenta mukumibepa ubufi, bushe lyonse ebamilisha? Bushe lyonse balamiletela ututenge (Our current leaders… just lie to you. If they come today, they will tell you that this road – Nampundwe Road, we will work on it and they leave you, but tomorrow they come back. Now you people are the ones who make our leaders to be stupid because when they bring chitenge materials, kapenta to appease you, are they the ones who feed you daily? Do they bring chitenge materials for you daily?)” Kambwili asked.

“Kindly wake up my brothers and sisters and know that governance is not child’s play but serious business. Imbwili ili nokwisa, pantu bamunyinane ifyo ine njishile mukuleta ubutungulushi ubwafunguluka ubwakutila chine chine abantu balesekelemo ati baletuteka (The Tiger is coming, I have come so that I can bring upright leadership so that you can say ‘truly, we are being led’).”

He also complained about the many and high taxes “in a country that has a President who agreed to a Statutory Instrument to ban vending which is a source of livelihood for millions of citizens.

Kambwili said making a law that criminalised selling anything at home or on the roadside showed that leaders were not thinking.

He recalled that when the PF, which he was a part of, was campaigning, they promised that no vender would be removed from the street “but today, the party has turned against the very people that supported it”.

“When we were campaigning, we said street vendors would not be chased until an alternative trading place was found but now if they find you selling even in your yard, you will be prosecuted and jailed for six months. This shows that our leaders are not thinking at all. God has bewitched Lungu with forgetfulness. That’s what happens if God wants you to leave, you begin to forget important things so that people vote you out. The people of Zambia will have the last laugh. Governance is from God. If God has appointed that one day I shall be President, I shall be, even if Lungu throws me in prison 50 times, I will still be President,”

Kambwili said.

He said the ploy to derail his presidential ambitions through tramped up charges would not stop him from being President of Zambia.

Kambwili noted that leadership was a prerogative of God and no amount of intimidation would curtail that which divinity had bestowed on him.

He told the people that if they see a party start to distribute gifts like chitenge materials when there is a by-election, it means that the governors were “foolish”.

He said under President Lungu, investors were exploiting Zambians because the Head of State Lungu was a weak leader.

“Zambia has become a dumping ground. When you go to Lusaka, there are shopping malls all over but what they are selling in those malls is coming from South Africa. You are farming but you have nowhere to sell your produce, those supermarkets are bringing even potatoes from South Africa and you say you have a President. I have told them that when Imbwili comes in as President, all the things to be sold in malls will be locally made. When we start making our own things, selling our local produce, then Zambia will develop and be rich,”

said Kambwili.

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