Indiscriminate disposal of refuse worries Kitwe mayor

KITWE City Council has expressed disappointment with residents’ continued disposal of waste in undesignated areas.

Last year, KCC launched a Keep Kitwe Clean campaign and Kitwe mayor Christopher Kang’ombe, together with some stakeholders, have been clearing waste dumped in markets, residential areas and schools to promote cleanliness in the city.

But Kang’ombe is saddened that despite the cleaning efforts, residents have been going back to dump garbage in undesignated areas.

“In all areas that council has cleaned after finding dumped waste, members of the public have gone back to dump more waste at the same undesignated areas of which the council finds it to be unfortunate,” he said.

Kang’ombe said Kitwe had 26 markets, ten of them generating a lot of garbage which KCC clears every day.

He said among the ten markets, Chamboli and Chisokone markets were the major culprits in indiscriminate waste disposal.

Kang’ombe said it was unfortunate that residents had dumped waste again in areas well known for poor disposal, therefore making the council’s efforts meaningless.

He said it was not the council’s job to collect domestic waste generated from homes and commercial businesses and that it was important for residents to collaborate with the council in cleaning their town.

Kang’ombe said members of the public should help the council to keep Kitwe clean at all times as the council was spending more money on fueling up vehicles that go to collect garbage.

He said the KCC was working towards engaging more health inspectors who would sensitise residents on the importance of cleanliness.

Kang’ombe said the council had also proposed the establishment of a fast track court that would deal with public nuisances such as the dumping of garbage in undesignated areas.

“We clear garbage at Chisokone every day of the week while the remaining nine major ones, it’s once a week, depending on availability of our limited equipment. The sad part is that residents staying near markets go in the night to dump at sites reserved for marketeers only. It’s the role of the council to manage public health but not to collect domestic waste from homes and commercial waste from business entities. We feel that public awareness on residents paying for garbage is limited and as a council, we need to get our health inspectors to sensitise the public and identify more designated places for garbage disposal,” said Kang’ombe.

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