It’s witchcraft to keep people hungry, says Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili it is witchraft to keep the Zambian people hungry.

Addressing residents of Kansuswa ward in Mufulira where he was campaigning for NDC candidates Alick Sakala ahead of tomorrow’s local government elections, Kambwili said the PF’s instigation of violence was a sign that they had failed to govern, making people miserable and hungry.

“Indoshi tayaba na Busengu, nowuyisengusha ilalya. Lelo nga wayebelapo, tayilowa. Indoshi tukwete ilelo muno chalo ni Edgar Lungu, imwe naine bonse tatulemusengwisha abalemusengwisha nibalya. Abantu bonse baletila indoshi nayilenga tulechula elo balya palya nefitenge bena balekana ati awe tuleikalafwe bwino, tulelyafwe bwino Na bana baleya kusukulu bwino (A wizard has no friend, he can even bewitch his best friend. But when you tell him off, he can’t bewitch you. The wizard we have today is Edgar Lungu, you and I are not befriending him…All the people are saying he is a wizard who has made us suffer but those in Chitenges are saying, we are just okay and our children are going to school),” Kambwili said pointing at the horde of PF cadres in the vicinity.

Earlier, a group of cadres decided to park their vehicles about 500 metres away from where NDC members were gathered, contrary to the Electoral Commission (ECZ) rules.

As Kambwili’s convoy made its way to Kansuswa ground, PF cadres were seen chanting their party slogans as they brandished a clenched fist.

But Kambwili said President Lungu is scared of the brave NDC supporters who were telling him off to his face, therefore he would not “bewitch them”.
Kambwili, the Roan PF member of parliament who is also 2021 NDC presidential candidate, further said stopping vending showed that the PF government did not care.

“During our campaigns, I was the leader of the Copperbelt campaigns; we were saying street vendors and those with roadside businesses at home will not be chased because there was no employment in the country but just after winning the elections, Lungu became clever. Filya icibemba chitila chibinda mwaiche, alya imo ashika nobuchinga. After winning, they became clever and chased all street vendors and enacted a law under Statutory Instrument number 19 of 2018. Ubuloshi bukalamba kulalika abantu insala, Abati nga bakusanga uleshitisha ututumbuwa nangu tute nangu utumunkoyo, kukwikata bakutwala kuchifungo for six months pantu bena nabana babo ninshi balelya (The utmost witchcraft is keeping people with hunger. They are saying if they find you selling fritters or Cassava and traditional drink, they will arrest you and send you to prison for six months),” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili said the Zambian government has made investors “stupid” in abusing the local workforce.

He explained that there were Indian and Chinese investors in developed countries like America and England but those governments “do not allow any form of stupidity from investors”.

He said this in reference to a Chinese official from AVIC International who told off the Zambian Labour Commissioner who merely asked for his work permit.

Kambwili said under the NDC government, he would “not allow stupidity to reign”.

“Ku America ama Chinese eko baba, ba Mwenye eko baba but balafolesha abantu bwino pantu ubuteko bwaku America, nobuteko bwaku England tabwabapela inshita yakutumpa. Nomba muno nabatumpika abantu. Mwalimona pa TV bulya bushiku Chinese waba AVIC aba bene ba stupid abalepanga umusebo, aletuka Labour Commissioner, Labour Commissioner amwebafye ati leta work permit ayamba ukupata ati ‘who are you’…iwe Koswe nikuchalo chakwa wiso kuno? When I come, it will be a dog and monkey chase. You had seen when I was labour minister; Chinese investors started increasing salaries for workers on their own without even telling them. Just after I was moved, hell broke loose,” said Kambwili.

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