Voting PF is saying ‘yes’ to suffering, says HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says voting for PF at any level is giving “thumbs up” to the PF government-orchestrated social distress among Zambians.

Hichilema, who flew into Mongu accompanied by UPND national trustee and former Zambezi East member of parliament Sarah Sayifwanda and party national youth chairman and former Sesheke member of parliament Likando Mufalali, arrived at Mongu Airport at 10:20 hours on Saturday.

The opposition leader was then driven to Liseli radio and as his convoy slowly drove into town, thousands of Mongu residents followed and waved and cheered.

At some point, Hichilema’s convoy was literally blocked by a jolly crowd that could not contain excitement.

Then in town, UPND security personnel and the party’s provincial leadership combined their energies to ensure that the animated supporters were held back.

In the company of Mufalali, Sayifwanda, Mongu Central UPND member of parliament Dr Mwilola Imakando, Gertrude Imenda, party’s Lealui Lower ward candidate Muyongo Muyongo, Hichilema proceeded to Liseli radio station where he featured on a special interview.

On Liseli radio, Hichilema said once UPND forms government, it would focus on job creation across Zambia to better the economic well being of citizens.

“UPND is there for the development of the people. It is there for improving the people’s lives. It is not there to cheat or steal from the people! We are saying to the people of Lealui Lower ward, vote for bo Muyongo Muyongo. That is our candidate! But he is just our conduit to the main argument; there in Lealui ward, the debate is whether we love Lungu or we love Hakainde – that’s it,” Hichilema said.

He also noted that giving a vote to the ruling PF was retrogressive.

“Do we support Lungu and his government who are the architects of all this distress we are seeing in Mongu and the entire Zambia? If you vote for the PF candidate, you will be voting for Lungu and saying ‘yes’ to the suffering that he has brought. Hakainde was almost killed for attending his ceremony, the Kuomboka. You cannot get anything from those who never love you and that’s what the PF has shown for the people of this province and the entire Zambia – no love at all,” he charged.

“If you vote for PF, you are saying you like the status quo in the country and especially here in Mongu. There are no jobs, agriculture has been destroyed by the PF government and then how can one wake up on Tuesday and go and vote for a PF candidate? It means you are happy with the high taxes that the PF government has introduced.”

Hichilema added that the UPND was on a journey towards forming a “development-minded” government.

“Muyongo Muyongo is part of that journey. This journey must continue until we achieve what we want. We want to form government and focus on poverty alleviation – to create jobs, improve agriculture. We want to make sure that once we form government, we revitalise economic activities in Western Province and the whole Zambia,” Hichilema pledged.

Meanwhile, rallying support for Muyongo ahead of Tuesday’s Lealui Lower ward by-election in Mongu Central constituency, Hichilema told a huge gathering at Malabo in the afternoon to vote for his party’s candidate.

Hichilema and his delegation traversed the Barotse flood plains using water transport to reach Lealui Lower ward’s four polling stations – Malabo, Maala, Nakaywe and Lealui.

At Lealui, Hichilema reiterated that the people of Lealui Lower ought to stick to political logic by frowning upon “the PF’s bad politics.”

“Go out on Tuesday morning and vote for our candidate Muyongo Muyongo. There is no other candidate you should look at but bo Muyongo – there shouldn’t be any doubt about who to vote for. Be decided and politically logical; vote for Muyongo!” appealed Hichilema.

The Lealui Lower ward by-election was occasioned by the death of a UPND councillor, Ngenda Ngenda.

Uyoya Uyoya is the PF’s candidate for the slot, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has a Mr Kalimukwa while Wambinji Imbula is contesting as an independent candidate.

Several UPND members of parliament attended the rally in Lealui.

“Muyongo, the people of this ward love you so much. So, when you’re voted in as their councillor, dedicate your time to work for them. Don’t let them down,” said Hichilema who also advised the people to get whatever the PF would give them but give his party the vote.

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