POLICE in Lusaka have arrested New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale apparently for questioning President Edgar Lungu’s identity and branding him an identity fraud. Meanwhile, other reported indicate that police are also searching for People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti over the same issue. Siwale and Mulongoti have questioned President Lungu’s nationality and identity.

Mulongoti has even gone further to ask the Public Protector to investigate the Head of State’s identity and inform the nation. Their questions are premised on information contained in Against All Odds, a book authored by Anthony Mukwita, Zambia’s ambassador in Germany, which is an account of President Lungu’s journey to State House. Gregory Chifire confirmed that police picked Siwale from his house early yesterday for questioning.

He said the police returned to Siwale’s house afternoon where they locked themselves and did not allow anyone to see him.

“They have taken him, so now on our way we got lost, we are trying to check whether they have taken him back to force headquarters or at Woodlands, either of the two,” Chifire, who went to see Siwale but was denied entry by police officers, said.

“They had picked him in the morning, whatever happened, I don’t know, they brought him back (to his house). So when I arrived around 13:30, 14:00 hours, I found they had just arrived so they refused me to see him. That’s how we started waiting. There were about three vehicles and there were 13 or so officers.”

Asked if the officers were searching his house, Chifire responded: “I guess so because others were outside others were inside and then they locked the gate. But there was a plea that they should wait for the lawyer but I doubt if they listened to such plea.”

Chifire said the police officer who stopped him told him that there was one relative with Siwale, so that was enough.
“I tried to plead my case but they told me ‘please go away, what language do you understand? We don’t want you to be nearby here’,” said Chifire.
Asked about the arrest and search at Siwale’s house, police spokesperson Charity Mwaata Katongo said she had not received the information.

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