PF IN THE GRAVE…yaliya kumanda naba Sata, says Kambwili

(By Oliver Chisenga in Kalulushi)

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says no one  can write the history of PF without the mention of his name. And the Roan PF member of parliament says the Patriotic Front went to the grave with founder Michael Sata. Meanwhile Kambwili, who was in Kalulushi’s Luapula ward to drum up support for NDC’s Workson Muthali in yesterday’s local government by-elections, says he did not form the National Democratic Congress to fight PF as he is the ruling party’s member number one.

He said PF died with Sata and what was obtaining was a figment of the revolutionary party that was formed to liberate Zambians economically.

“You cannot write the history of PF without the mention of Chishimba Kambwili; you can’t. My contribution to the growth of PF cannot be over emphasized. When we were in the opposition, when we formed the party, Mr Sata would stand on the platform and say ‘if I had five men like Chishimba Kambwili, we could have already formed government’ but all my efforts have been thrown into the wilderness and Lungu has brought back the people we were fighting against to be ministers, to be chakuti chakuti,” Kabwili said.

He said although Sata’s character and way of doing things rested in him, he was his own man but with a vision that the PF founding father had over Zambia.

Kambwili said he learnt a lot from Sata and was one of the successful graduates of the “Michael Sata institute of political and strategic affairs”.

“I am my own man but I will tell you that Mr Sata’s character and way of doing things have a lot of influence on my political life. I learnt a lot from him. He is my mentor. I can safely say that I am one of the successful graduates of the Michael Sata institute of political and strategic affairs. I am Imbwili elo Imbwili ni Mbwili (I am a leopard and a leopard is a leopard),” Kambwili said to a cheering crowd. “Bamunyinane, elo twapanga ichilonganino cha NDC, nshaisa mukulwisha ba PF, pantu ninshi ndebepa ubufi pantu PF number one nine. Nga muleyeba ati iyi government iyilipo ni PF ninshi muletuka naine, PF yaliya naba Sata kumanda. Aba abalipo teba PF niba MMD (When we formed NDC, we did not do so to fight PF, that would be a lie because I am PF number one. If you are saying this government is PF, you are insulting me, PF went to the grave with Sata. Those that are there now are MMD).”


He further said the position of President was too big for President Lungu owing to the visible mismanagement of the country.

Kambwili said President Lungu hated him because of the counsel he used to give him on how to run the country while in Cabinet.

“Ba Lungu balimwene ukutila chilya ichifulo chabu President chalibakulila. Nga muli mu Cabinet…namwebene kuti mwamona ifinti ifyofyonaike pantu elo twali mu Cabinet, twalemweba ‘awe ifyo fyena teti uchite’, uko wayamba ukuya…no, teko, ifwe Ba PF kuya uku. Ilya ine opposition nalemupela mu Cabinet, nokumulanga ifyakuteka ichalo, ampatila (Lungu realised that the position of President was too big for him. You can see how things have been destroyed. When I was in Cabinet, I would tell him that no, some of these things cannot be done, don’t go in that direction and he hates me because of that opposition which I gave him. I used to teach him how to govern this country,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili told the crowd that contrary to assertions that Michael Sata endorsed the current President each time he left him as acting President, it was actually a strategy because he knew he [Lungu] was a drunkard with no presidential ambitions.

He said Sata avoided infighting amongst those around him who had presidential ambitions by appointing “a visionless drunkard to act as President”.

“Abantu balelanda ati ba Sata baleshapo Lungu so ewo balefwaya. Ba Sata baleyeba ati abalefwaya bu President muli ino party bafula, Ba GBM balefwaya bu President, Ba Kambwili balefwaya bu President, Lubinda alefwaya bu President, so nga nalashapo aba bonse balayamba ukutintana so nakulashapofye ichi chine chi chakolwa ichishakwata ambition. Efyo Ba Sata balelanda (people were saying Sata used to leave Lungu to act as President each time he went out of the country, so it is him he wanted. Sata used to say those in the PF that wanted to be president were many. GBM wanted to be President, Mr Kambwili wanted the Presidency, Lubinda, wants the presidency, so if I leave any one of these, they will be fighting amongst themselves so will be leaving this drunk without ambition. That’s what Mr Sata used to say),” Kambwili said.

He further said Sata used to tell Lungu that he was a good lawyer who, unfortunately, was an alcoholic and there was no way his appointment to act as President would have been deemed an endorsement to take over from him.

“Ku Chawama balemupingafye pali wheelbarrow balemuleta. Ba Sata balemweba nokumweba ati iwe you are a good lawyer, very intelligent man but tatwakuchite adopt mu 2011 because buchakolwa bwalikupoka amaka. Elo iyo inshita tulelanda Lungu taleikala nabakashi, abakashi balitendelwe, Lungu ayile mukwikala pa Garage pali Sichalwe. Ifyo ndelenda fishinka efyo nshitinina nokulandapo pantu fishinka. Lungu nga nalimubepesha, nakuno kwaliba local court akantwale…. Ni kolwe piteni ne Mbwa (In Chawama, Lungu was carried on a wheelbarrow to take him home. Sata used to tell him that he was a good lawyer, very intelligent man but would not be adopted in 2011 because he was a drunkard and his drunkenness had taken over his intelligence. At that time he was not even living with his wife as she was fed up and Lungu went to live living in Sichalwe’s garage). What I am saying is the truth, that’s why I am not afraid to talk about it because it is true. If I have falsely accused him, even here there is the local court, he can sue me),” claimed Kambwili.

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