Moore asks corporate sponsors to support golf


ZAMBIA’S professional golfer Dayne Moore has appealed to corporate sponsors to set aside some funds for the Zambia Open Golf championships to sponsor professional golfers if the country is to see desired results in major tournaments

Moore, the only Zambian to make the cut at the just ended Mopani/Redpath Zambia Open tournament held at Nkana Golf Club in Kitwe told journalists that local golfers have a lot of potential but were let down by a lack of more local tournaments to compete among themselves.

He said he would never stop talking about poor sponsorship of local golfers hoping that someone would hear him one day.

“There is need for support of the guys, I think I will keep saying it. It is easy to raise whatever amount of money for a big event like this (Zambia Open) but raise that for our local pros, how come it is a big challenge,” Moore said.

“The thing is that we are not asking for that amount of money, even half or quarter of that and you will see guys improve. You cannot play two tournaments a year and think you will win, these guys play week in week out they are travelling around the world. I keep saying and I will keep saying it until someone listens.”

“I am saying support the guys, as I said for tournament it is easy to pull out that amount of money but for local guys you have to do something for them if you expect Zambia golf to improve you have to do something for the local guys and there is a lot of upcoming talent.”

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