Opposition misleading Zambians through twisting facts – PF MP

LUNTE PF member of parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya has accused opposition parties of misleading Zambians through twisting facts. Speaking during a PF Interactive Forum held at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka on Sunday, Kafwaya said the opposition spent a lot of time criticising the government. He regretted that the opposition was working hard to make the government look bad in the public eye. Kafwaya said efforts to frustrate the government’s effort to foster development would not work because Zambians had gotten used to the good works of the PF government.

He said instead of providing the checks and balances to the government of the day, “the opposition has embarked on twisting facts to mislead the nation”.

“The opposition in Zambia today spend most of their time criticising the State to the disadvantage of the people of Zambia. So far, the PF has fulfilled 75 per cent of the promises made in the two manifestoes and are being actualised,” Kafwaya said. He further said the PF had the mandate to develop the country and would not be swayed by what he called destructive agendas designed to discourage it.

Kafwaya said the PF had a cadre of qualified members of parliament that had represented the electorate in their areas well “such that the electorates are not lacking in any way”.

He said among the development programmes embarked on was President Edgar Lungu’s promise to make Lunte a district.

“True to his word, after winning the 2016 election, President Lungu declared Lunte a district. So far, President Lungu has succeeded in fulfilling his promises and one of the promises he made to the people of Lunte is to transform the constituency into a district,” Kafwaya said.

He said the government had also approved the construction of five feeder roads in Lunte Constituency.

“Several other community schools have been upgraded to primary schools…The schools that were supported by the community will now benefit directly from the Ministry of Education. Some primary schools in the constituency have been upgraded to day secondary schools and facilities have been given to the schools to benefit the community,” said Kafwaya.

Meanwhile, PF media director Sunday Chanda castigated opposition UPND for threatening to block the refinement of the constitution amendment yet to be taken to Parliament by justice minister Given Lubinda. Speaking at the same function, Chanda regretted that the UPND had on several occasions attempted to derail the government’s efforts to make life better for Zambians.

“With the collapse of the referendum, thanks to the UPND, the people of Zambia lost a progressive law which could have benefitted them greatly,” said Chanda.

And a member of central committee Kebby Mbewe urged Zambians not to listen to lies being told about President Lungu. He accused the opposition of sowing division in the country on regional and tribal lines, saying the PF meant well for the people of Zambia and would continue to work for their good.

“My advice to the people of Zambia is that let them not listen to lies being championed by the opposition to sway them from seeing the good work the government is doing for them,” said Mbewe.

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