We’ll fire you if you’re not performing, Mvunga warns civil servants

DEPUTY Secretary to the Cabinet for finance and economic development Christopher Mvunga says time for transferring non-performing civil servants is gone.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu yesterday, Mvunga, who was touring government projects, said there was need for change of mindset in the manner things were done.

“Our job is to deliver development to the people. I think this disconnect between the community and ourselves as leaders (is not good) because I shouldn’t be driving Land Cruisers to try and monitor projects…so to me the engagement of the community is critical and I think that’s the message I would pass to the civil servants here. And I have told them that the times of transferring (non-performing) people are gone, if you are not performing we’ll fire you; it’s as simple as that,” Mvunga said.

He said the province should actively participate in the implementation of the decentralisation policy.

“One of the things that government has put in place is the decentralisation policy and we need the province to actively participate. I was saying for instance to the district commissioner in Mambwe, why are you allowing people to come into your district without your permission? I think the days of people traveling from Lusaka (to monitor projects)…we have enough human resource in the province because to me, if people are going to be traveling from Lusaka to inspect projects in the province but you have people there then you’re saying to me that the people in the province are not competent,” Mvunga said.

He said people should be sensitised that projects were not owned by the contractor but themselves.

“Let’s sensitise the civil servants, the first point of call is your PS who is the chief executive of the province, before you come to Lusaka. If the PS fails then it should be directed to you (provincial minister) so to me I think the days for trips for subsistence allowances are gone, the province needs to take ownership of all these projects,” he said.

Mvunga said even himself should only be going to provinces for ceremonial things because there were people on the ground who could monitor projects.

Earlier, Zulu said the province had very hardworking civil servants but that there were some that were not.

Zulu said many were the times when people complained about the bureaucracy in government.

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