Mawere calls for review of procurement Act

CHIPATA Central member of parliament Moses Mawere says there is need to review the procurement Act to ensure that Constituency Development Fund is not abused.

And Mawere has called on the media to provide checks and balances “in a civil manner”.

In an interview after he handed over a light truck to the National Assembly office meant to help people in his constituency, Mawere, who is also youth and sports minister, said guidelines on procurement must strictly be followed when utilising CDF.

“We as parliamentarians are going to review the procurement Act because that’s where everything starts from. We have controlling officers; a town clerk or council secretary is a controlling officer at a local authority and we expect that following the guidelines given to them, they should be able to utilise these funds prudently and engineers have to be closer to reality, closer to what the market is providing,” Mawere said.

He said the procurement Act was archaic and it needed to be tightened.

“Of course there are these lapses, concerns which the public raises saying that sometimes you will find that when you go to the market, you will find that cement is costing K80 or K100 but the cost when it comes to procurement by local authority, it will be K200 or somewhere so people tend to wonder because this is not justified. What we have discovered is that the procurement is somehow archaic and gives them leverage to do what they want to do but now we need to tighten up the procurement process to ensure that people become accountable to the responsibility they are entrusted with,” Mawere said.

He said his constituency had prioritised water, bridges, grading of roads, among others, in the CDF allocation.

Mawere, however, said his idea to purchase a light truck was purely meant to help the community in their times of need.
“I will not pay attention to the detractors because they just want to destroy the good intention which we have as leaders. Again, this
vehicle should only be restricted to Chipata Central constituency,” Mawere said.

Earlier, Mawere who interacted with journalists during the World Press Freedom Day commemoration at Eastern Comfort Lodge, said the development of the country lay in the hands of all the citizens.

He said every Zambian should be passionate about developing Zambia.

“You (journalists) are very important people, that’s why in government speeches, we always recognise you. We know that we have equal partners in developing this country. You can put this country on fire or develop this country by your reporting. So provide these checks and balances in a civil manner; let’s be relevant to the people we serve,” said Mawere.

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