Guns can’t solve problems, says Fr Sakala

ST Anne’s Cathedral parish priest Christopher Sakala says any big problem cannot be solved by a machine gun but by love.

In his sermon during mass on Sunday, Fr Sakala said love was capable of changing any difficult situation.

“If your husband or wife has abandoned you for greener pasture, show him or her love. Don’t fight him, don’t insult him but show him or her genuine love. And when your husband comes home late, don’t insult him, hug him and you will see him sweating. Why sweating, he will realize that he is wrong and then you will see him apologizing. Any big problem cannot be solved by a machine gun but genuine love,” Fr Sakala said.

He said it was hard to show genuine love.

“But look at the love that Jesus Christ showed us on the cross! Today, Jesus is giving us that commandment to love one another. For us
believers, love is a commandment from God,” Fr Sakala said.
He said genuine love demands sacrifice.
“Genuine love demands self-denial, you deny yourself in order to please your friend. Maybe some of you have realised this that when you quarrel with someone, you will be shouting at that person despite being close with that person. Now if you are not shouting at each other, you will be there talking softly even if someone is in Rome or in UK because your hearts are closer to each other,” said Fr Sakala.

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