Promotion of health for all not ministry’s duty alone – Kasolo


EASTERN Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says the promotion of health for all does not belong to the Ministry of Health alone.
And Kasolo says he is unhappy that the scourge of street vending is slowly returning to Chipata.
Launching the health week under the theme “Health for all, leaving no one behind” at Chipata Golf Club on Monday, Kasolo said no one should be left behind in the health week activities.
“Let me emphasize that promoting health for all does not only belong to the Ministry of Health alone. All of us, absolutely all of us, must be involved,” he said.
Kasolo said the purpose of the national health week was to empower people to control their own health.
He said a healthy lifestyle that the nation was aspiring for could not be achieved without proper infrastructure.
Kasolo said he was delighted to highlight some of the infrastructure development that the PF government had heavily invested in to facilitate better living standards for the people.
He said the construction of district hospitals such as Nyimba, Chipata, Lundazi, Vubwi, Petauke general hospital and Chipata Central eye hospital were part of the government investments.
Kasolo said the government was determined to continue investing in infrastructure to support healthy living for the people, among other areas.
He said he was disappointed that street vendors were coming back on the street.
“I was disappointed when I took a three kilometre walk from Kapata Market that I saw the scourge of people that are selling food on the street has returned. It is the duty of the city council of Chipata to keep the street clean. We as government have given them the power by passing the Statutory Instrument 10 of 2018 against street vending that empowers them to arrest anyone who is buying food on the street,” Kasolo said.
Earlier, Eastern Province medical director Dr Kennedy Kabuswe said health was a huge investment in as far as contributing to the economic development of the country was concerned.
The launch was preceded by a march past from Kapata area to the golf club.

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