Orphaned Lstone boys form ‘Recycle Band’

SEVEN Livingstone boys have teamed up to form a brass band to help their guardians buy food and pay school fees. The orphaned youths, who go around Livingstone entertaining members of the public at a fee with instruments made out of discarded tins and plastic bottles, call themselves the ‘Recycle Band’.

Of the seven boys of Ngwenya township, only two are in school and the money raised helps pay for their fees. The boys said they decided to form a band after experiencing hardships at home as they often sleep hungry. They said that they also chose the name ‘Recycle Band’ to fight the indiscriminate disposal of garbage by Zambians.

The band comprises James Tembo and Fred Kakoma both aged 12, Gift Safuli, 13, Masauso Chinyembo, 16, Martin Hamweemba, 15, Vincent Sinachabu, 15 and Kays Mwanza, 14.

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