Lungu’s cruelty is frightening!

Did the police need 31 motor vehicles, including Anti Robbery pick-ups, and 81 AK 47 rifles just to arrest and charge Tutwa Ngulube with criminal trespass?

Tutwa is Kabwe Central Patriotic Front member of parliament and not a common or dangerous criminal.
Did Tutwa need to be locked up in police cells for a night on charges that are bondable?
Indeed, a tyrant knows no political ally or friend!

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was right when he wrote: “Man is the cruelest animal.”
Indeed, no animal could ever be so cruel as man. But all cruelty springs from weakness and all cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness.
Although they say nobody should feel sorry for snake charmers or wild animal tamers who get bitten and nobody should feel sorry for you if you run around with crooks and get involved in their wrongdoing, we can’t help feeling sorry for Tutwa. As Peter Tosh sang in a reggae rhythm, “Sorry fi Maga Dog. Him turn around bite you. And if you jump outta fryin pan I know you jump inna fire yeah…”

Tutwa is today a victim of the product of his own hands.
Evil begins when you begin to treat people as dispensables – people you can use and discard.

Sometimes it is shocking to see some of these extremely cruel people claiming to be very committed Christians, God-fearing! How?Christopher Hitchens was probably right when he said, “We keep on being told that religion, whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid.”

Some things shouldn’t be forgiveable. Deliberate cruelty shouldn’t be forgiveable. It should be the most unforgiveable thing in our opinion, and the one thing in which we should never, ever be guilty. Deliberate cruelty should be unforgivable.

We can never be gods, after all – but it seems we can become something less than human with frightening ease. It’s really difficult to imagine Edgar Lungu treating Tutwa with this type of cruelty, inhumanity. But if Edgar can treat Tutwa in this cruel manner, where does it leave those who have always been his critics, opponents?

We are today seeing our country being slowly transformed into a wilderness; we are all hearing the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too. We feel the suffering, torment, humiliation of Tutwa. And yet, when we look up at the sky, we somehow feel that everything will one day change for the better. Things can’t go on like this for a long time, forever. This cruelty, inhumanity too shall end. Compassion, humanity, peace and tranquility will return to our country once more.

But what is sad is that as a people, a nation, we are watching all this cruelty, inhumanity being inflicted on our fellow citizens and are keeping quiet, dead silent. Is this silence out of fear or indifference? Martin Luther King Jr said, “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

It’s very clear that none of us is really safe from Edgar’s cruelty. Yesterday, it was Dr Fred M’membe and The Post staff, then Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND, today it is Chishimba Kambwili and Tutwa! Tomorrow it will be you. And don’t deceive yourself and think that you have done nothing wrong against Edgar, you are in good terms with him, he is your friend. The truth is cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.

Of course all sorts of noble arguments will be advanced to justify cruelty and inhumanity. The victims will be accused of all sorts of transgressions, illegality, lawlessness. Wasn’t Christ treated the same way – accused of all sorts of things to justify his crucifixion? We know that in the name of noble purposes, Edgar has been committing unspeakable acts of cruelty against some of our innocent fellow citizens. He has brutally arrested, detained and prosecuted them and ruined their lives.
But Edgar is being very, very short-slighted. His cruelty and inhumanity will soon boomerang. He thinks he is smart. But he is actually not being clever. This cruelty and inhumanity of his is all out of ignorance, being dull. If Edgar was smart enough to know what was in store for him, he wouldn’t be hurting others, anybody the way he is doing, because whatever he is doing to others will come back much more forceful than he is sending it out.


  1. samlindo

    May 16, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Who are those among the people who dug the pit: The current VP, Kalaba, KBF, Kambwili, Tutwa, Mutati, Shakafuswa, the ECZ Crew, The people who voted for Lungu etc and we are falling in it one by one.

  2. samlindo

    May 15, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Why boasteth thyself
    Oh, evil men
    Playing smart
    And not being clever? Oh no
    I said, you’re working iniquity
    To achieve vanity, yeah (if a-so a-so)
    But the goodness of Jah, Jah
    I-dureth forever
    If you are the big tree
    We are the small axe
    Sharpened to cut you down (well sharp)
    Ready to cut you down
    These are the words
    Of my master, keep on tellin’ me
    No weak heart
    Shall prosper, oh no they can’t!
    If you are the big tree
    We are the small axe
    Sharpened to cut you down
    Ready to cut you down
    And whosoever diggeth a pit
    Shall fall in it, fall in it
    And whosoever diggeth a pit
    Shall bury…

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