Eden University president gives Matero MP 7 days to pay back campaign debt


EDEN University president Kelvin Kaunda has demanded repayment of K70,000 from  Matero member of parliament Lloyd Kaziya, money which he borrowed for campaigns in the 2016 elections.

In a demand letter dated May 9, 2018 from Sondashi and Company, Kaziya has been asked to pay K70, 000 within seven days.

“Dear Sirs: DEMAND LETTER: HON. LLOYD KAZIYA AND MR. KELVIN KAUNDA. The above subject matter refers. We act for Mr. Kelvin Kaunda (our client) and kindly note our interest. Our client informs us that around July of 2016, you borrowed a sum of ZMK 70, 000.00 from him for purposes of campaigning for the parliamentary seat in Matero. Our client further informs us that you promised to pay the said sum back immediately after elections and that he has made several demands but you have either neglected and/or refused to repay the said owed sum,” Sondashi and Company stated.

“We demand that you pay our client the owed sum of ZMK 70, 000.00 within seven days and our collection fee which said collection fee is 10 per cent of the money owed by you to our client, failure to which we have strong instructions to proceed to issue court process against you and claim the said amount, damages for breach of contract, damages for loss of opportunity, interest and our legal costs.”

Kaziya, who was water development minister was recently fired by President Edgar Lungu and replaced with former general education minister Dennis Wanchinga.

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