FIFA course turnout cheers FAZ

FAZ vice-president Rix Mweemba has expressed delight with the massive turnout for National Management and Administrators’ in North Western Province where even gender representation has topped the list out of the four regions covered so far.

The FAZ sponsored and FIFA approved National Management and Administrators’ course has hit the fourth province with North Western region recording a full house.

Mweemba who is a FIFA accredited instructor said the National Management and Administrators’ Course was the most important that the association was having for its members.

He said FAZ specifically targeted administrators across the country to help improve the quality of management for teams.

Mweemba said in the past focus had been on referees and coaches hence leaving out administrators.

He said North Western Province had scored the highest number of representation so far.

And FAZ committee member Brenda Kunda urged the participants to be attentive in order to improve their understanding of administration.

Kunda also noted that the high women representation at the seminar was a harbinger of good things to come for the women game.

So far four provinces have been covered in a program that will cover the whole country.

Councillors in Southern, Eastern, Western and North Western provinces have undergone the training and received certificates under  programme.

According to fazfootball.com, the next stop is Copperbelt Province.

Mweemba is accompanied by deputy secretary general Adrian Kashala, licensing manager Erick Mwanza with Kunda part of the North Western Province tour.

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