GIFTS?…anything Lungu receives by way of that office can’t be personal property – Msoni

ALL People’s Congress president Nason Msoni has reiterated that President Edgar Lungu plans to flee Zambia “once the worst befalls him”.

And Msoni says a “bad man” who steals from their homeland and then flees the country should have their remains rejected. Details of President Lungu’s $3.9 million golf estate project in Swaziland (now Eswatini) have been taking turns on social media, with many wondering how the head of state acquired private land in a foreign country.

Others questioned the people financing the multi-million dollar project. Responding to the concerns during a media briefing on Monday, information minister Dora Siliya hinted that President Lungu and his press aide Amos Chanda had been given land as a gift in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and that the land has since been put on title.

Siliya added that there was nothing sinister for the President to be given a gift by a foreign government. On February 3, Msoni told The Mast that the corruption going on in President Lungu’s government was a sign that the Head of State’s intention was to flee the country in the end.

“To be frank and honest, this man’s conduct and mindset, going by the kind of reckless unbridled theft of public funds coupled with the abuse of office, is clearly pointing to a man whose internal sensitivity has died, giving way to doing it out-of-spite,” said Msoni then.

And in an interview yesterday following revelations that President Lungu was building a private golf estate in Eswatini, Msoni said: “We do not expect Dora Siliya to speak on behalf of Mr Lungu. We expect Mr Lungu himself to respond…Whatever the President receives in the name of the people’s office, the President needs to declare those to the Ministry of Finance, the Treasury or indeed to openly say ‘look, I have been given this gift.’ Anything that he receives by way of that office cannot be his personal property – it must be a property of the Zambian people. So, there is a misconception; when you are holding public office and you receive gifts because of the public office you hold, those gifts cannot become your personal gifts.”

He asked what other undeclared gifts President Lungu had received.

“So, the question is what else has he received? Which other gifts has he received which he has not declared as a President? In any case, this brings us to what I have been raising in the past that this President is planning to flee Zambia. And I feel vindicated that those little PF surrogate political parties that denounce me when I say this man is planning to flee the country…This now clearly points out that his plans are not to live in Zambia should the worst come or should the worst befall him. Clearly, he is planning to flee this country [and] so, when we question his nationality, these are the things that we talk about,” Msoni said, adding that President Lungu’s loyalty and patriotism to Zambia was doubtful.

“Lungu does not love Zambians and he is here to exploit and abuse them. He has milked the Treasury to its knees. In any case, even if you were to flee, can you surely be at peace knowing that you have done so much hurt to the people that trusted you so much? You only have one life and so, even if you own so many properties, it’s all vanity! It serves no purpose. You can’t live in all the houses everywhere in the world; you only need one house.”


He likened President Lungu’s behaviour to that of former Congolese despotic president Mobutu Sese Seko.


“We have all these issues of money being stolen and a guy is going to build shopping malls abroad. Is he one of us if he can behave like this? His behaviour is no different from Mobuto Sese Seko of Congo DR – he fled until he died in Morocco and his remains have been rejected there (in Congo DR),” said Msoni.
“So, if you were a bad man, even your remains are rejected. If you are going to steal so much from your country, you should bear in mind that even your remains will be rejected – wherever you go and build and stay, that should be your home. They should bury you there! Don’t come back here. That’s simple! That’s why even now the people of Congo DR don’t want even the bones of Mobutu Seko Seko because of what he did to them. We have no malice against this man (President Lungu). All we question is who is he? Where does he come [because] his behaviour clearly shows that he is not one of us? If he were, he would not be stealing from poor people like our people to go and build mansions.”


Presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe, when phoned, referred all queries to Chanda, the State House spokesperson, whose phone, however, went unanswered.

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  1. Lungu a well known thief

    May 16, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Lungu swell known thief who will steal even what he does not need.

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