Kapiri MP seeks finances for secondary school in Meembe, Lukanga areas

Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo has said plans are underway to construct a secondary school in the western part of his constituency.

Last year, there were reports that a number of pupils dropped out school in Meembe and Lukanga areas owing to the long distances they were covering to secondary schools.

Some learners were reportedly forced into early marriages owing to lack of school facilities that offered senior secondary education.

Others reportedly resorted to engaging in vices such as alcohol and substance abuse.

In an interview, Kakubo explained that pupils in Meembe and surrounding areas were finding it difficult to attain secondary education because school facilities were far.

The UPND member of parliament disclosed that he had started engaging the World Bank for support to construct a new secondary school in the western part of Kapiri Mposhi.

“We have plans of constructing a secondary school in the western part of Kapiri Mposhi, preferably in Meembe area. But the location of the specific area for that project is subject to other stakeholders. In this regard, our stakeholders that we are engaging are from the World Bank. So depending on how they respond, we shall choose the specific area where a secondary school will be constructed and, subsequently, address the challenge of long distances that pupils have been covering when it comes to accessing secondary school education. But I wouldn’t want to create anxiety among people in that part of Kapiri Mposhi constituency,” Kakubo said.

He further disclosed plans to establish a youth skills centre in Kapiri Central ward.

“Plans to establish a youth skills centre are in the pipeline, and have reached an advanced stage. This youth skills centre will be in Kapiri Central ward. The rationale behind the establishment of a youth skills centre is to enable young people acquire survival skills that would ultimately enable them lead sustainable livelihoods,” said Kakubo. “All these measures are aimed at ensuring that young people refrain from vices such as alcohol and drug abuse.”

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