Zambia has no culture of consequence – Mulongoti


MIKE Mulongoti has pleaded with President Edgar Lungu not to “kill us” or set his “mentally demented characters” on him and others inquiring on his (the President’s) nationality.

And Mulongoti, who is People Party’s president, says there is no culture of consequence in Zambia, “no wonder the unbridled law-breaking among public service leaders”.

Speaking during the People’s Debate programme on Pan African radio yesterday, Mulongoti, who has ardently been questioning President Lungu’s parentage, reiterated that he became concerned about the Head of State’s nationality “because of his attitude, because of his intolerance.”

“I said I don’t think he is one of us because Zambians can quarrel and fight but we do not resort to extreme means where you want to finish your friends. I said there is something wrong here. What do I do? I followed the law and wrote the public protector…. That’s all I did; I didn’t say he comes from Congo, he comes from Angola, he comes from Mozambique. All I said is inquire on who he is because he holds the highest office in the land,” Mulongoti explained.

Asked by the programme host, Isaac Nsoneka, why he has not been sued or beaten up for raising a sensitive matter against President Lungu, Mulongoti noted that Zambia was governed by laws.

“Let me say this to you; this country must have laws to protect you and me. If there were no laws, those of us who are midgets would not walk the streets [but] because of the law, we are protected. But let me also say this; all those who are coming claiming they are relatives [to President Lungu], I’m challenging them to go to the public protector with sworn affidavits that that I’m his uncle, I’m his sister, I’m his brother. Take those affidavits to the public protector! If that affidavit that you swear is false, you are an impersonator, there is a law that deals with impersonators. When you take that affidavit and it is proved that there’re doubts about it, we shall do a DNA test to see whether you are a relative. So, don’t threaten me about being taken to court,” he said.

Mulongoti recalled that President Lungu “enjoyed” when he was part of the legal team that was inquiring into the origins of former president Frederick Chiluba.

“Dr Chiluba had to bring his father, shown to all of us with cameras. [But] what stops our current President to call for a press conference and tell the nation ‘my father’s name was this, my mother’s name was this…?’ That is our expectation, not to unleash thugs on those of us who are making inquiries which he did [on Chiluba] as well, as a lawyer. Kill Mike Mulongoti, the seed I have planted will not die with me – it will continue to grow. Kill [Fresher] Siwale who is in prison now, the seed he has planted will continue to grow. So, it’s not about killing us [but] it’s about coming out openly and say ‘here I am; this is my true identity’. So, my plea is this; don’t kill us [or] set your mentally demented characters to come and hound or abuse us,” he said.

And Mulongoti pointed out that the culture of consequence ought to be established.

“But what is obvious now is that people don’t get punished. Look at the Auditor General’s report! Every year we are told of so many thieves but the thieves are the ones who’re shining with best cars, the houses and what have you. There is no culture of consequence where you are told ‘bring evidence’. Our legal system is that when you go to court, your evidence is torn apart by the other team. Now, if I give you evidence before you are taken to court, what does that mean? You will tamper with that evidence! If the accusations are against you as a President, that you are a thief or you are a corrupt person and you say ‘bring evidence’, I bring evidence to you? What’s the consequence of that? This is why it has become difficult…. All the people who make mistakes walk away to banks smiling because they know that my boss also did the same thing yesterday. So, he can’t say this to me. The culture of consequence is not there; we must get back to the culture of consequence…” said Mulongoti.

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