Zambia to host 2018 Futbolnet

THE National Olympic Committee of Zambia has announced that the country will host the 2018 Futbolnet Tournament. The 7-a-side tournament will involve participation by Under-13 and Under-16 teams of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

“After a successful 2017, we are proud to announce that the FC Barcelona Foundation in partnership with Olympafrica F . Internationale and the International Olympic Committee has given us the honour to host the 2018 Futbolnet Tournament,” it stated on the NOCZ Facebook page.

The tournament is used as a tool to teach children good values such as respect, tolerance, team work and determination. Officials from FC Barcelona and the IOC will also be in the country to monitor the tournament. A team that observes the aforementioned scores more points in addition to the goals scored.

Zambia dominated last year’s tournament with both age groups winning the gold medal.

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