Chipata Council FC blames loss on hostile home environment

CHIPATA City Council Football Club coach Harrison ‘Batez’ Ngoma on Saturday blamed his teams three nil humiliation defeat to visiting Circuit City FC of Lusaka to hostile home environment. In an interview after the game, Ngoma said the team was playing under a very hostile environment.

“They(supporters) were crying that there was no team that is in Division One but now we worked extra hard to make sure that we qualify one team but now instead of getting support we are getting discouragements. This is a very bad environment,” he said.

Ngoma said his team lost on merit to a better team. After the visitors started scoring in the first half the supporters started cheering them.

But Circuit City coach Mathews Phiri said he was happy with the result and that his boys played well.

“The boys applied themselves well. As for the other team, they are also a good team, we prepared we knew we were coming to play a very strong side. They are playing well they are not a team to underrate, there are only a few things, they don’t have confidence but playing they can,” Phiri said.

The visitors scored two goals in the first half and one goal in the second half.
In another game Katete Rangers beat Lundazi United 2-1 in Katete.

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