DP urges bridging of gap between rich, poor


THE Democratic Party on the Copperbelt Province says Harry Kalaba is the right person to drive the country forward as he does not tolerate corruption. And the DP says it is time to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. During a media briefing at Sherbourn Lodge in Kitwe, DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the party wants Kalaba to take up the presidential position and contest the 2021 elections because he stood for the Zambian people.

She said Kalaba’s behaviour should be emulated as many Zambian leaders had only  focused on “filling up their bellies and have forgotten about the people who put them in power”.

“The DP has identified a gallant son of the land, Harry Kalaba. His  leadership can clearly be seen by what he demonstrated whilst in government and outside government. He stood up against all odds and resigned from his position as foreign affairs minister, something that our many leaders cannot do and as DP, we feel that he is the right man to take Zambia forward,”

Kabemba said.

“We have engaged him and written to him that he may join our party and participate in our party and he may take up the position of party president and contest in 2021. We would want to state that he has already received the letter of invitation and he is studying it.”

She said Kalaba’s principles were similar to those of the Democratic Party, hence he was the party’s prefered candidate. Kabemba said the country was heavily divided due to selfish leaders who were frustrating efforts meant to benefit the poor. She said it was the duty of DP to “amputate politics of violence and hate”.

“The DP will give the Zambian people first priority unlike giving our country to the highest bidder and other foreigners who have been given abundant opportunities such as business projects in different sectors of the economy.These are the kinds of things that are supposed to be done by the Zambian youths but they have left them to languish in poverty. These are the gaps we have noticed in our government,”

Kabemba said.

She said DP felt it was time to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by making the Zambian people a priority, “something PF has failed to do”.

Kabemba said PF had sold the country to Chinese nationals and foreigners who were benefiting from the country’s wealth more than indigenous Zambians. She said the lack of political will and the love for material wealth in the curent leadership had continued to deprive Zambians of their right to economic development. Kabemba said the increase in corruption under PF was hindering the majority of citizens from accessing better health and quality education.

She further said it was unfortunate that Zambians had been for a long time subjected to violence and hate speech.

“We are also saddened that those we have entrusted with the responsibility of leading the country have decided to give their allegiance  to individuals and not mother Zambia. The lack of political will, the thirst for materialism and corruption among the current leadership is what has continued to deprive the people of Zambia of the essential amenities such as good education and access to good medical care. Our people have for a long time lived in a situation where human rights are being violated every day and are being subjected to violence and hate speech and a number of things that do not only destabilise their minds but also their work culture,” Kabemba said.

She said DP was the party that would set the country on the right path as it  would  provide solutions to many challenges being faced in the country.

“We want to set things right and straight in this country. We also belive that it is our responsibility as citizens to make sure that we provide solutions to the many challenges that people are facing. We are disappointed that leaders of this country are not providing solutions and directions to the people. DP has a vibrant leadership that is ready to drive  the economic development of the country and put self-interest behind and give allegiance to the country and we are ready to stand as true patriots and ensure that Zambia is given the right leadership by making sure that we die to self and put our country first, as this is the stance the current leadership has failed to take,” said Kabemba, adding that the DP would be lauched on the Copperbelt  this August as it awaits Kalaba’s response on  a request that he takes up the partys presidential position.

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