People should be truthful and say things as they are – Nkhoma


PETAUKE’s St Oscars Catholic parish priest Fr Patrick Nkhoma says people should be truthful and say things the way they are in society. In his sermon during Pentecost at the parish on Sunday, Fr Nkhoma said there was no need to sugarcoat things.

“Sometimes even in politics, people will mislead you, they will tell you everything is okay and you are winning. But when the actual time comes, you will find that the outcome is different. Even in society today, people will say things when they are with you but when they go away, they will say bad things about you,”

he said.

Fr Nkhoma said there was need to call a spade by its name and not something else
“He who lives in the spirit, in the Gospel we are told, the spirit will lead you to the truth. We need to call a spade a spade not a big spoon! We need to tell our friends, if they are not doing things well, we have to tell them, ‘bwana, things are not okay’ we shouldn’t sugarcoat,” he said.

Fr Nkhoma also condemned the culture of using vulgar language.

“Some people out there insult badly, sometimes it appears as if it’s a normal thing. Any slight difference shamba zachoka kudala pakamwa (insults are unleashed) and these are not pagans but ourselves as Christians. Others they even change the gears, the intonation of insults may be they will begin from a foreign language and end in our local language as if they went to an international college of insults,” he said.

Fr Nkhoma said people should ask themselves as to how many times they had destroyed the dignity of their friends. He said what comes out of the mouth of someone who had received the spirit should be Godly.
Fr Nkhoma said people should build each other

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