Slap Dee brags: know your worth

AFTER turning down the offer to perform at the much-awaited ‘Experience Concert’, hip-hop artiste Slap Dee has finally clinched a better deal. His signing makes him one of the two local artistes that will headline the much-anticipated concert that will feature popular Nigerian dancehall artiste Tekno.

Earlier, it was reported that Slap Dee, real name Mwila Musonda, turned down the performance purse of K7, 000 compared to that of the visiting Nigerian Superstar who will get $7,000 (around K70,000). After word filtered that Slap Dee refused to perform for a paltry K7, 000, a tweet by Tekno was misconstrued to be a direct attack on the Zambian vocalist.

“When you make music, just f***ing make music! Broke A** Niggas talking about money, we dem no go ever see,” read Tekno’s tweet.

After this tweet, Facebook was ablaze with condemnation of the Nigerian Star while others attacked Slap Dee for what they termed “overrating himself”.

However, the debate on social media died immediately it was learnt that in fact, Tekno was talking about another musician and not Slap Dee. Event promoters, Goodlife Events, confirmed Tekno was talking about fellow Nigerian artistes Danfo Drivers.

“Goodlife would like to mention that an earlier tweet by Tekno had nothing to do with Zambia but fellow Nigerian artiste Danfo Drivers,” said CEO Shawn Kabemba.

And source has revealed that after turning down the first and second offers, Slap Dee finally signed for an amount not less that $3000 (about K30,000).

In an interview, Mwila who is also called King Dizo, said he knows what he is worth and the amount of work that he puts in his production. He called on promoters and Zambians to value local productions and artistes saying it’s the only way the industry would grow.

He, however, explained that he was not competing or setting a standard with that of Nigerian Superstars but clarified that he was simply calling for the appreciation of local creative minds.

“I guess it’s about the work you put in as an artist. If you know what you are working on, it wakes you up; it’s also about exposure. If you are exposed enough to know what people get out here, exposed enough to know what a low level artist gets, what a high level artist gets…Just for correction sake, I have never said any point that I am equivalent to the Nigerian artists…no, we are different in classes. There are class A artists and maybe I am not, there is a standard,” said Slap D.

“I just feel like here in Zambia, we must be treated well by promoters. It has nothing to do with international artists or whoever; it’s about the way we deal with ourselves. Everybody in arts needs to be treated well, art is a beautiful thing.”

The concert, which will also feature Macky 2, is set for July 28 at Woodlands Stadium.

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