Underlying problems in Zambia have created bad drinking habits among women – Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba says there is an underlying problem in Zambia which has created a drinking problem in women. Siliya, the chief government spokesperson, on Wednesday said alcohol consumption among women in Zambia was still very high and worrying.

Addressing journalists during the mid-week press briefing held every Wednesday, Siliya noted that according to a survey conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Zambian women were the biggest consumers of alcohol in the world.

She further said evidence suggests that 42 percent of Zambian women drink excessively, adding that the high alcohol consumption among women was a serious challenge to government. Siliya further announced that government had approved the long awaited implementation of the National Alcohol policy intended to regulate alcohol abuse in the Zambia.

But Mumba yesterday said the report by the World Health Organisation, which ranked Zambian women as being the highest consumers of alcohol in the world, called for everyone to recognise this as a real problem in society.

“We need to talk about it as a family. First of all, I would like to state, from the outset, that Zambian women are no different from, or worse than, other women in the world. Nonetheless, to every habit developed, there is a root cause. Our goal in the Zambia Shall Be Saved movement is not to condemn victims of this, and other social vices, but to deal with the root cause. I therefore invite all our women folk to join me tomorrow at 6pm at our special Zambia Shall Be Saved Service [at Government Complex] at which I will deal, in part, with this issue,” said Mumba.

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