Rainbow tells Zambians to ignore PF in by-elections


EASTERN Province Rainbow Party chairperson Boston Phiri has advised Zambians in all areas having by-elections not to vote for PF as doing so gives them much hope. In an interview, Phiri, who is also the campaign manager in Sinda’s Chilongozi by-election, said Zambians should tell the PF through the small by-elections that they were not happy with their rule.

He said giving PF more councillors was a crucifixion to the Zambian people.

“Zambians should remember that PF is not a good government and it shouldn’t be given hope. In Chichewa we say ng’ombe ni matole (a young cow is the real cow); this means we have to see small things because it’s out of the small things that we can have bigger things. You see, the bad part of the PF government and my humble request to Zambians is show PF that you are not happy. Don’t tell them verbally but through the ballot in any area where we are having by-elections,” Phiri said.

“Let them know you are not happy but if you give them votes,  then you make them feel as if you love them and their governance is okay. PF should leave, let’s not promote corruption by voting for them. Napapata (I’m begging you) please osa votela PF yai ilibe chikondi na banthu…votelani cipani colongosoka monga Rainbow yomwe ilibe chiwawa (don’t vote for PF, it doesn’t have love for the people; vote for a reasonable party with no violence like Rainbow).”

When asked to comment on the theft of drugs at the Medical Stores Limited as revealed by Global Fund, Phiri said it was an indication that the PF government would murder many people with its theft of drugs.

“This is why Zambians say there is so much corruption in PF because such a thing has never happened in the history of Zambia since independence but why should it happen in PF government? This shows it’s a government that does not love the people,” he said.

“The smocking gun is that PF is making Zambian people die and this calls on the interest of Zambian people to have the health minister resign until things are put in place. There are no drugs in hospitals, I was in St Francis Hospital last time and surely people who are on HIV/AIDS drugs were given for three months instead of six months, and those on three months were given one month supply…”

He also called for investigation on why clinics and hospitals do not have enough drugs for malaria and HIV/AIDS yet drug stores had them.

“We don’t have drugs in hospitals, we don’t have drugs in clinics but we are told ‘go and buy in the chemistry, drugstore’. Does every Zambian have money to buy? No they don’t have, there is no money in circulation. To tell you, we are disappointed as Zambians with the issue of drug theft and that paints Zambia badly to our donors,” said Phiri.

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