Some Zambians are not Christians but crooks, says Mozambican chief

CHIEF Kaduku of Mozambique has complained that some Zambians are crooks and not Christians.

In interview in Sinda’s Nyanje area, the chief revealed that some Zambians had taken advantage of his accommodating heart whenever they go to his country for business but never appreciated his gesture.

He said Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe were one despite national borders but wondered why citizens wanted to complicate matters.

“Before these borders, we were one. It’s because of this that we happen to help each other but what some Zambians are doing is not okay. Zambia is such a peaceful country, which follows Christian principles but some Zambian people are not Christians but crooks. This is why it is said Mozambicans  are bad people yet they are very good and friendly but at times they are being provoked by the situation they are entangled in by the friends from other countries like here (Zambia),” chief Kaduku said.

He claimed that most Zambians  went to his country in the name of business but once they conclude their businesses, they do not follow what was agreed.

The traditional explained that the best hospitals or shops which have sustained Mozambicans were in Zambia.

“We have the hospital which government built for us but big and serious medical services are found here [Zambia] and it’s for that reason that we have built close relations between us, no wonder we even buy things from here and you also travel to do business in our country. But some of you are cruel and pagans, not Christians,” chief Kaduku said.

He said the Mozambican government had been accusing him of championing smuggling from Mozambique to Zambia.

“You have been coming to do business like buying maize, cutting planks and other businesses through me, I have intervened to inform the government but…your colleagues whenever they come, they sneak out without saying bye and do you think the government can be happy? Do you think we can be happy? No ambiri alikuticita cipongwe cifukwa ca umambala, most Zambians are crooks osati aKristu (most of them are doing us harm because of their crookedness as they are not Christians),” chief Kaduku said.


He emphasised that not every Zambian was crooked, saying it was a few that were tarnishing the image of others.

“My appeal to my friends in Zambia or any other country is to have respect for every traditional leader regardless of the country one belongs to because all traditional leaders carry the same powers and dignity. Protect our reputation. We are the parents of everyone and let’s avoid trying to implicate traditional leaders in any way if we are to enjoy their services,” said chief Kaduku.

Every Friday, Zambian businessmen from Sinda, Nyanje and Katete travel to Mozambique to trade.

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