UBZ urges Kalaba to sacrifice for Zambia


UNITED Better Zambia leader Hector Sondo has urged former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalana to sacrifice for Zambia and take up the leadership of the Democratic Party.
Kalaba, who resigned from government on January 2 due to alleged corruption in the current regime, has been invited to lead the DP and be its presidential candidate in 2021.
However, when asked yesterday whether or not he had accepted the invitation, Kalaba said he was still “studying the request” but hinted that “their manifesto resonates with my aspirations”.
 The Bahati PF member of parliament held a meeting with Sondo over the weekend where the latter advised him to seriously consider contesting the 2021 presidential election.

“UBZ president Mr Hector Sondo stated that his party has been following Hon Kalaba’s political life keenly and his party appreciates the  exceptional leadership which  Hon Kalaba has demonstrated throughout his time in government. He further stated that his party was convinced that Hon Kalaba is the right man to lead Zambia as President in 2021.
President Sondo urged Hon Kalaba to accept the DP invitation saying it is worth a sacrifice to take for his country,” according to DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba.

Sondo said it was time for politicians to put aside personal interest for the good of the country.

“It is time to put political and self interest aside and stand for a decision that will better our country. Besides, we all joined politics in order to contribute positively to  national development. Therefore, when we see  good leadership, we all need to render our support knowing that our time will also come,” said Sondo.

Meanwhile, People’s Alliance for Change secretary general Mbaita Musendeka and United for Progressive Party (UPP) acting secretary general Philip Matavu have joined the Democratic Party.

The duo said they had decided to join DP because “it is the only party that will provide true leadership, bring sustainable development and uphold the need to respect human rights that are being violated everyday”.

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