Wednesday 30/05/2018

Schemes of work for teachers


Dear Editor,

In recent weeks, we have heard remarks in the media about some teachers who can’t read or write, the closure of some teacher colleges due to not meeting the Educational standards and many parents including government officials have complained of falling education standards in the country. While there may not be a single cause to the failing standards in education, perhaps Standards Officers in MOGE should assess the effectiveness of ‘Common Schemes of Work’ and ‘Common End of Term Tests’ that have become the norm of the day. How effective are the ‘Common Schemes of Work’ prepared by few individual teachers to be used by all the teachers in various schools in the Province or District? ‘Common Schemes’ prepared at school level for the teachers in a department no doubt would  be very effective. School-prepared ‘Schemes of Work’ bring out individual teachers’ brilliance and wisdom and can easily be used by substitute teachers in case of one teacher being absent. On the other hand, Provincial Schemes of Work may ‘kill’ and discourage individual teachers’ creativity and flexibility especially when teachers know that at the end of the term pupils would write a common test across the Province. As much as these Schemes of Work could be very good, they don’t consider individual schools’ needs, available resources, number of pupils in a class among others. Teachers are supposed to use ‘Zero Week’ (a week before schools open) to prepare their schemes of work and get the materials ready for the term. Teachers should be encouraged to prepare their individual schemes of work according to their talents, needs and available resources for each school.




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