KBF insists: Lungu not eligible for 2021

LUSAKA lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya, popularly known as KBF, has stressed that President Edgar Lungu does not qualify to stand as a President for the third time in the 2021 general elections.

And KBF says the ruling PF is not providing effective, disciplined and committed leadership to Zambians.

KBF, who featured on the Oxygen of Democracy programme on Monday night, said President Lungu was ineligible to contest the presidency again.

“If you have read my book, I have given an opinion – I will stick to my opinion,” KBF said when asked if he believed President Lungu was eligible to stand again in 2021.
Reminded to elaborate his opinion for the sake of those who have not read his book titled ‘Zambia Must Prosper – Actualising Zambia’s prayer for prosperity,’ KBF, who is PF member, said: “The opinion is [that] he can’t stand.”
“He has done two terms – he has been twice elected. That’s what the law says and the interpretation of the Constitution, as far as my little knowledge goes, with 30 years at the bar, is that the interpretation of the Constitution is literal. You interpret the Constitution literally – you can’t go beating around the bush. Was he sworn-in twice after an election? Yes. Did he appear on the ballot twice? Yes. Did he win elections twice? Yes. Now, which one of those is negative? Let’s not bring in terminologies of this term, that term. No!” KBF explained.
“I have argued that the only thing which was required to be fixed by way of mischief in the Constitution was the 90 days that we were having for by-elections for presidency and the only person, I have argued, who can inspire and rule this country for more than 10 years is a person coming in from the position of Vice-President. Because if the President dies and the Vice-President takes over, depending on how much time the current President has spent in office, he may then say ‘I was just finishing the term of the guy who died. This is now my presidency number one.’ [But] he (President Lungu} was never Vice-President!”

He also recalled how, during the December 2014 chaotic PF general conference in Kabwe, President Lungu’s camp worked overnight to secure an injunction in the Lusaka High Court to block another party conference from taking place.

“We had to find a way of opening High Court. There is nothing illegal about opening the High Court when there is [an] emergency because we had already put, amongst the documents, a certificate of urgency. This was a matter of national,” KBF noted, adding that some court staff were in Kalingalinga and others in Garden House area in Lusaka West “but we brought them to the High Court.”
“By 04:30 hours everybody was at the High Court (and) the document was stamped. We had to go to the Judge-In-Charge at the High Court. We then rushed to Ibex Hill, may his soul rest in peace, judge Chali opened in pyjamas. [He said] ‘gentlemen, what can I do for you’ (and) we explained.”

And KBF said President Lungu has never offered him a job.
“This President, I must confess, has never offered me any job. I have never asked for a job!” he stressed.

Asked what was wrong with the current PF, KBF observed that the governing party’s biggest problem right now hinged on leadership.

“The biggest problem we have right now is leadership. That is the biggest cancer we have right now! We are failing to provide the necessary leadership in very cardinal areas in both the government and the party and that’s where the problem is and that’s what the people are crying for. They are crying for effective leadership, they are crying for disciplined leadership, they are crying for committed leadership. [But] we are not providing that. The President cannot fight that on his own – he has chosen a team. He chooses who he wants to work with. But if those people let him down, there is nothing we can do. Why hasn’t he fired them? I can’t answer for the President,” said KBF.

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