Kanganja is lying!

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s description of the just ended parliamentary by-elections in Chilanga as peaceful is shocking.

Despite the violence that rocked the Chilanga parliamentary by-elections, Kanganja thanks political players who participated for conducting their activities in a mature and peaceful manner.
“The accomplishment of a peaceful election was as a result of commitment shown by all political players and high levels of compliance to the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct, the Electoral Process Act, the Public Order Act and other pieces of legislation,” says Kanganja.

We wonder what Kanganja is talking about! Was he in Zambia? Was asleep or half dead to say such things? But it is understandable. Kanganja is trying to justify or validate the Patriotic Front victory in the Chilanga parliamentary by-elections. Kanganja has never been an impartial Inspector General of Police. He has always been Patriotic Front inclined. But this dishonesty takes him to another level – crass dishonesty.
People who protect us and enforce our laws must be worthy of the high level of trust the public expect from them.
The Zambian people want Kanganja to be honest.
There are jobs like for sales people where you can’t outrightly lie but you can at least bend the truth. Kanganja is in a job where the Zambian people would like him to never lie.
So much of police work, especially where politics is concerned, these days, for better or worse, is all about pleasing and protecting those in power and their cadres and supporters.
One big problem with Kanganja’s dishonesty is that it limits his usefulness, value as chief of police.
Kanganja’s motivations for the use of dishonesty in assessing the conduct of the Chilanga parliamentary by-elections won by his appointing authorities in the Patriotic Front and its government are not difficult to discern. His vocabulary of justifications and rationalisations is understandable.
Kanganja’s attempt to neutralise his own moral guilt or others’ questioning of his untoward conduct go beyond furtherance of his noble duties. Kanganja benefits both personally and professionally from his dishonesty, deviance.
We all know the old adage: “Honesty is the best policy.” Now, more than ever, Kanganja and his police officers must make that their mantra, as it has become increasingly apparent that there is
no quicker road to loss of public trust and respect than to tell a lie.

Dishonesty is very damaging to a law enforcement officer’s career. Integrity is a fundamental job requirement.
The Inspector General of Police’s job is a position of trust and the public has the right to the highest standard of behaviour from those they vest with the power and authority of a police chief. Honesty, credibility, and temperament are crucial to the performance of his duties. Dishonesty is incompatible with the public trust.
Common sense tells us that to effectively carry out his duties as police chief, Kanganja’s credibility is critical. Kanganja’s word should be taken over that of an ordinary person.
Thus, when a police chief’s integrity is compromised, the public understandably concludes that the law enforcement mission may be harmed by his continued service.

Truthfulness strikes to the core of Kanganja’s ability to perform his essential functions effectively. Simply put, Kanganja’s word, and the complete veracity of that word, is fundamentally necessary to doing the job. As a result, there’s need for Kanganja to be truthful in his statements. Kanganja’s statement on the Chilanga parliamentary by-elections is certainly false and misleading.
And he made that statement even when he knew that it is false and misleading. The intent was to deceive for the benefit of the Patriotic Front.

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