PF want to own Zambia – Fresher

FRESHER Siwale says the PF regime’s intention was to kill him after arresting him last month for allegedly defaming President Edgar Lungu.

And Siwale says while majority politicians want Zambia to be governed well, the PF wants to own it.

The New Labour Party leader was last month granted K10,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to defaming President Edgar Lungu.

Siwale, 57 of Chelstone, is alleged to have on April 22 in Lusaka, with intent to bring the name of the President into ridicule, published defamatory matter by word of mouth to which he said “The President of the Republic of Zambia is not the actual Edgar Chagwa Lungu but Jonathan Mutawale. He must be arrested for having three National Registration Cards, he is an identity thief”.

In an interview yesterday, Siwale urged Zambians to stand up and kick the PF out of office.

“What is happening in this country is not something new in that these events have history. They started with PF in the opposition. Nine years ago, PF abducted Sam Zulu and he was lucky that people intervened and he was saved. Now, this philosophy of abducting citizens started way back with late Michael Sata and when PF came into government, they brought this philosophy into government and apparently many people have since died. In Livingstone during a by-election, we have the late Chanda, then we had a by-election in Rufunsa – Menyani Zulu died. Next we had someone who die at airport roundabout, then we saw the death of Grayzer Mutapa and Mapenzi Chibulo,” Siwale said.

“Now, no one has been arrested…no one has been held accountable for these deaths. Are you sure these are isolated incidents or they were planned? All these incidents point to the fact that PF from day one in government intended to instil fear into citizens; the pangas, the lawlessness in this country…it all points to their plan to destroy all institutions of governance. While all of us want Zambians to be governed well, the PF wants to own this country as if it is theirs. Every Zambian must realise that PF does not mean well because their plan is to own this country. If they did, they could have held the people who killed others accountable, but the trend has continued. A good example is what happened to me…I was literally abducted and the intention was to kill me. Let the nation know that their intention was to kill me.”

He claimed that he knew that government wanted to kill him because of some of the things they did to him while he was in police custody.

“They wanted to kill me in order to kill the story of that identity theft of a leader. Now, we as citizens must wake up…as Zambians, we must wake up…we should not have this kind of leadership in this era where people are abducted anyhow. The police who are supposed to protect citizens are the ones committing these crimes. People have been shot in this country by the police and no policeman has been arrested. These are some of the things we are talking about because these things they are doing are not new, they have a genesis,” said Siwale. “They are exercising power without authority. It’s us Zambians who still have authority over them and we have to fight…stand up and defend our country. Every Zambian must stand up and defend mother Zambia because at the point we have reached, everyone must be involved. We must drive these PF thieves and savages out of office.

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