State House a den of illegal deals – Chaile


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s silence about the revelations of the Financial Intelligence Centre clearly shows that Zambia has been running without a President and a cabinet, says Vincent Chaile.

Chaile, leader of Radical Revolutionary Party and  former UNZASU president, said if President Lungu was a responsible Head of State, he would have fired more than half of his Cabinet and permanent secretaries to pave way for investigations.

The FIC 2017 report has revealed high levels of corruption in government, with K4.5 billion being lost through financial crimes.


The report further revealed that corruption, especially in public procurement, was second with estimated losses amounting to around K500 million, while money laundering and fraud were found in third and fourth place, with losses amounting to K90.5 million and K3.5 million, respectively.

“Could this be a sign of incompetence? Why is President Edgar Lungu quiet on leaked information by Financial Intelligence Centre? Financial Intelligence Centre director-general Mary Tshuma must be commended for her boldness. She is a rare breed. In the last 52 years she has done what Anti-Corruption Commission has been failing to do. In  2017 alone, Zambia lost K4.5 billion (USD 450 million) through financial crimes. I even wonder what President Edgar Lungu is thinking about the revelation,” Chaile said.

Chaile, a former UNZASU president, further wondered why the Road Development Agency offices were still stationed at State House.

He said it was sad that State House had lost its value as it had been turned into a den for corruption and illegal deals.

“It clearly shows that Zambia is orphaned, it has been running without a President and a Cabinet. In short State House has been vacant. State House has lost the value it deserves, its common knowledge that it’s now a den of corruption and illegal deals. The entire government procurement is on remote control by conmen. What are RDA offices still doing at State House? If only President Edgar Lungu was a responsible Head of State with such leaked information, by now we expected more than half Cabinet and permanent secretaries to be fired in readiness for further investigations,” said Chaile.

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