Advice to Lungu, HH

Dear editor,

In Africa, the origin of every conflict has once before shown its root but yet we choose to cast a blind eye upon it’s source. In the territories of South Sudan, the nation is divided because of two leaders that have failed to come to a national understanding of national building, while their people fight on their behalf; children are being recruited as child soldiers in those teritories to fight on their behalf. None of their children have ever known the weight of a gun. It is true indeed that as the elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

This we might not see, but our nation has been divided into two camps – the red camp as well as the green camp. We cannot beat about the bush that these two political elite groups do not get along. If the leaders of these two political camps cannot see each other face to face, how do they expect the UPND and PF youths to meet face to face and smile at each other? The tragedy of Chilanga is not the first, and to be honest, political leaders that cannot show interest in uniting a nation are not worthy to be followed. Zambia is bigger than these two political camps. As a matter of fact, none of them played a role during Zambia’s independence.

The maturity of every leader is seen on how he desires to put the interests of his people before his own personal interests. But it’s more like we have leaders that care much about votes than lives and the future of this nation. How great a gospel that would be preached if Comrade HH and President EL would meet face to face and show to the world that we are smaller than the greatness of our nation. I look forward to a Zambia where belonging to separate political camp will not be something to be afraid of. These days, people are afraid to proclaim their affiliation. But is this the independence we fought for?

If Zambia’s two major leaders do not resolve their differences, we shall continue having a community that is divided on two extremes. As leaders that care for the prosperity of our land, they must show it by supplying our broken and torn community with a demonstration of integrity and unity. Wars don’t just start; they have their root. One Zambia, One Nation should not only be in theory. Political maturity is the remedy to Zambia’s unity.

Mwilah Chriseddy Bwanga Jr

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