Govt must initiate programmes to permanently end poverty – MMD

THE MMD has urged the government to initiate programmes with permanent solutions to poverty eradication.

In a statement yesterday, acting MMD spokesperson Cephas Mukuka noted that poverty levels had, unfortunately, trippled in a short time despite the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission and the Presidential empowerment programmes dishing out funds to individuals and organisations in the name of citizenship empowerment. He stated that the MMD had permanent solutions to offer to Zambians.

“We shall ensure that we work on land reforms so as to avoid the Zimbabwe and South African land sagas. We shall promote agriculture by fully supporting the upcoming farmers,” Mukuka stated.

“This we shall do by ensuring that farmers are paid in record time and also encourage them to embark on crop diversification so that we swiftly move away from the maize syndrome. The delay and non-payment of farmers for their crops opens doors for bogus businessmen who end up swindling the said farmers, and this has a negative effect as it discourages our farmers. We equally note with sadness that Zambia has very few commercial farmers. The majority are foreigners.”
He wondered where the citizens empowerment was if the nation was failing to monitor and turn its peasant farmers into agricultural giants by empowering them through government controlled loans.

“Citizens need steady jobs and pieces of land in order to avoid total dependency on government.
Land today is in the hands of foreigners and Zambians are watching helplessly as government is championing the said crusade,” Mukuka stated.

“Recently a named minister complained of Zambians getting nothing out of the mines. The mines built Zambia under UNIP, but today these mines are building other nations and we are getting peanuts out of them.”

Mukuka stated that the MMD upon forming government in 2021 would safeguard interests of all citizens.

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