Kambwili threatens nude protest in FIC’s support

OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress political consultant Chishimba Kambwili has appealed to the Church to redeem Zambia by bravely telling leaders frequenting Church services that “please stop stealing.”

And Kambwili, who is Roan PF member of parliament, says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a replica of the PF, except “without the rotten leadership of President Lungu and those he has brought from MMD.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili has threatened to organise demonstrations if the government continue using “its surrogates” to demonise the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) and its director general Mary Tshuma.

Briefing journalists at the NDC secretariat in Lusaka’s Olympia area yesterday, Kambwili asked what had gone wrong in Zambia.

“I tend to wonder where the Church, the NGOs, the civil society are. What has gone wrong in this country? Please, I’m appealing to the Church; men of God, redeem us from these problems. I’m getting so worried to the extent that sometimes I’m trying to think whether it’s worth going to Church or not. I know the Churches [and] the pastors know that this government is a thieving government, that this government is full of corruption. [But] ngabaisa pa Sunday, mulebapepelela nokubapepelela (but when they come to church ‘on Sunday, you’re even praying for them), instead of telling them ‘please stop stealing’. Mulebapepelela nokubapepelela (you are even praying for them) [saying] ‘you are a very good man, I’m giving you the Bible’ pantu nabesa chita (because they have come to) donate K250,000 in your Church!” Kambwili remarked.

“Mukayaba inkuni pakupya kumulu imwe (you will be used as fire wood in hell). You men of God who are doing that must be guilty of yourselves! When things are wrong, call these people pambali (on the sidelines) and say ‘thank you for coming to Church but please, Mr President there are these complaints about corruption, what are you doing about it?’ But imwe when you are visited by the President, as long as he has left [a] hefty offering, you are even saying he is God-given. Lesa tapela bakabolala (God doesn’t give thieves), bufi (that’s a lie). God can never give a country a thief for a President. So, I’m appealing to the Church to take up your responsibility and save the people of Zambia from this unbecoming behaviour.”

He said the NDC was extremely disappointed that the governing PF had continued to create by-elections when the country was in dire stress for resources.

“It shows the Patriotic Front does not care about the living standards of our people. You and I know that one election costs K4 million, plus or minus. But the Patriotic Front is going out to entice members of the opposition, particularly councillors and mayors/council chairpersons to defect from their political parties and create by-elections. But I want to warn the Patriotic Front that every dog has its own day! For us who are seasoned politicians, we are not worried about their perceived victories because they are fictitious,” Kambwili said.

He added that as the PF was winning “fake elections”, the NDC was mobilising itself.

“You are celebrating fictitious wins, we are organising on the ground. For us, these by-elections are a blessing in disguise that are making us appeal to the people that we exist. For me and the NDC, our participation in the by-elections is basically to tell the people that we are in existence – we don’t care about the results for now because we still have a long way to develop,” Kambwili explained.

He further pointed out that no reasonable person “on earth” could genuinely defect to the PF.

“Only people like Antonio Mwanza because [for him] it was all about the belly. The young boy has become so excited as if he has mined gold or emerald. But I feel sorry for the young man because he is politically dead!” Kambwili charged.

“Our Head of State ni chipante pante, kuwayawayafye because his preoccupation is to remain in office. This country is totally on auto-pilot. We’ve already seen on your blogs [where you are saying] 2021 is landslide’. keep [on] dreaming; the people of Zambia are waiting for you.”

He also said: “NDC is PF, (except) without the rotten leadership of President Lungu and those he has brought from MMD. NDC is a replica of PF! I have nothing against PF as a party [but] I have everything against the rotten leadership of Edgar Lungu and those he has brought from outside to come and hijack the party.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili appealed to President Lungu, his lieutenants and his “minions” to stay away from the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC).

The FIC has come under sustained attacks from PF agents who are calling for the disbandment of the Board for alleged professional misconduct.

“They have felt the impact of their corruption expose and they want to frustrate a genuine woman by the name of Mary Tshuma. I want to assure Mrs Tshuma that as NDC, on behalf of the people of Zambia, we stand with you. I want to assure you that should this government think of firing you, they will see demonstrations that they have never seen in this country. Enough is enough for those people who feel that President Lungu and his PF are doing the right thing, continue in your dreamland! But for us who have seen the mistakes of Lungu through the unprecedented corruption, let us unite and fight this corrupt government,” said Kambwili.

“Mrs Tshuma, you are safe and nobody will play with you. If it means me walking Cairo Road the way I was born, without clothes, I will do it if they want to fire you (Tshuma). So, this idea of castigating the Financial Intelligence Centre should come to an end and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Every time you are caught napping, you want the institution to go! What kind of people are you?”

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