Rwandese businessman sues another over $41,000

A RWANDESE businessman has sued his compatriot in the Lusaka High Court claiming payment of US$41,000 with interest.

In statement of claim filed in court, Ngabitsinze Jean Bosco of Chipata sued Ngirinshuti Jean Baptise, also of Chipata for breach of an agreement.

The plaintiff stated that the duo on October 19, 2017, were engaged in a business transaction where Baptiste agreed to buy out US$41,000.

Bosco stated that it was agreed that Baptiste was going to pay back the money in two installments starting with US$20,000 on January 15, 2018 and the balance of US$21,000 by January 20, 2018.

The plaintiff stated that Baptiste has failed to settle the money and has neglected to show commitment towards the agreement.

He stated that his colleague has failed to pay the money despite several reminders.

Bosco stated  that the defendant  had no prospect of honouring the agreement and that unless compelled by the court to do so, he would continue to be deprived of the money.

The plaintiff stated that he has, therefore, suffered loss and demands payment of the US$41,000 with interest at the commercial bank lending rate and other reliefs the court might deem fit.

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