CHIPOLOPOLO defenders were caught napping when Zimbabwe scored the equalizer during the final of the COSAFA Cup, says coach Beston Chambeshi.

And Chambeshi says immaturity of his team is what led to them giving in as Zimbabwean players mounted pressure towards the end of regulation time.

Zimbabwe was a goal behind Zambia when they started attacking and eventually scored an equalizer that saw the game go into added time.
Zimbabwe went on to score two more goals, ending the final at 2-4 in their favour.

Chambeshi, however, said he was happy with his team’s play despite the loss.

“I am happy with the way the boys played in the past two games; the team has been growing each and every game. Playing a team like Zimbabwe, you have to pull up your socks. We had to play the game at higher level. You know, Zimbabwe have talented and mature players who can hold the ball and know when to pass it,” Chambeshi said.
“Towards the end, we were 2-1 up, Zimbabwe started to bring in long balls and my boys couldn’t handle the long balls so they scored and equalized. Overall, it was an entertaining game but my boys, with their immaturity, had to succumb to that pressure. My defenders were caught unawares. We were supposed to kill that game but we hit the post and it was a counter attack, then they equalized.”

This was the second year in a roll that Zambia was meeting Zimbabwe in the final of the Southern African regional annual tournament, with the later still emerging dominant.
Zimbabwe’s victory on Sunday was its sixth record win of the COSAFA Cup.

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