PF has some good men and women – Mulongoti

IT is not possible to be normal when one consumes alcohol every day like President Edgar Lungu does, says Mike Mulongoti.

And Mulongoti, who is People’s Party president, says the PF leadership is a disaster and will be remembered for a very long time as “a collection of thieves and corrupt characters”.

He has, however, said the ruling party has some few “good men and women”.

In an interview, Mulongoti said thieves and corrupt elements had hijacked the PF.

“The President takes alcohol everyday as he takes water, he takes alcohol everyday and he wants to pretend that it is possible to be normal when you consume alcohol in that manner. Alcohol is a drug, it makes your brain vegetative. Inasmuch as he thinks that it is normal, no, he is no longer the same person and if examined, people can recommend that he moves out of that position, except that he is now President and nobody can examine him mentally, but I am pretty sure myself that his mind is not the same from those utterances he makes, it is unbelievable coming from a leader,” Mulongoti said.

He added that PF leaders did not feel ashamed to show off their latest fast cars and mansions while the majority of Zambians were wallowing in poverty.

“In some countries, if you remember in Liberia, the entire first family was eliminated by Sergeant Samuel Doe, why? It is because the pain is so much deep and when you see arrogance coming from thieves and corrupt elements who seem to think that the people they are addressing are also human, they want to live fast car lifestyles in the midst of poverty, they want to show off their latest sports vehicles and mansions in the midst of people who can’t have a meal,” Mulongoti said.

He said he was happy to be in Livingstone at the invitation of chief Mukuni unlike being in Lusaka which he described as “a place full of PF crooks, thieves and corrupt elements”.
“I feel at peace here amongst chiefs and ordinary citizens. There is no cause for apprehension, Lusaka is different, wherever you turn, you see PF corrupt elements, you see PF crooks, you see PF thieves, it stresses you,” Mulongoti said.
“We were together in parliament, with PF, but seeing the people who represent the PF, it is a disaster. Those who masqueraded as leaders have turned out to be thieves and corrupt elements. I am saying this with a conscience that I once saved in government and in a so much short period they have taken so much money off Zambia.”

He assured Zambians that the PF’s governance would not last forever.

“PF has been a disaster and they will be remembered for a very long time as a collection of thieves. There are good men and women in there, but those that have taken control are thieves and corrupt characters. But I want to assure the people of Zambia that nothing lasts forever. There are 99 days for a thief and one day for the policeman and that is the day that matters and that day is coming soon,” said Mulongoti.

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