Siavonga has potential in fish farming – Kanyama

SIAVONGA district commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has called for more investments in the fish farming industry in Siavonga.

Kanyama said the district had the potential to grow economically through fish farming.

“This is why I’m calling on both individuals and companies to invest in the area. Fish farming here has a lot of potential; we need more investments in this industry,” Kanyama said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Kanyama said he had, of late, been receiving reports of misconduct by employees working in some companies in the district.

He said some workers had been reporting for work whilst drunk and inciting fellow workers to protest against their managements, “especially those working under poor conditions of service”.

Kanyama said his office would not protect such workers when they were fired because of misbehaviour.

He, however, said companies in the district must improve conditions of service for their workers and pay them on time

“They must as well respect labour laws and ensure that gender equality is adhere to. They must also ensure there’s no harassment of workers,” said Kanyama who further advised company owners and workers to engage the district labour office whenever faced with labour disputes.

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