Lungu panicking over foreigner branding – Mulongoti

WHEN I declared President Edgar Lungu a foreigner, people thought it was a joke, but now he is panicking, says Mike Mulongoti. And UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says there will come a time when Zambians will realise that they need to rise up because of being fed up of suffering.

Meanwhile, chief Munkonge of Kasama says traditional ceremonies are unifying events that bring together people of divergent views, tribes and races. In an interview at Simukale Shrine during the Bene Mukuni traditional ceremony on Sunday, the People’s Party leader said he would not give up on the issue of President Lungu’s identity.

“When I declared President Lungu a foreigner, people thought it was a joke, but now it is no longer a joke, he is panicking. A Lungu ndimwe andani [Mr Lungu who are you?] I can assure you that we will not give up. We have fought battles like this and we have seen people with no morality taking public assets, public money as if it is their own money,” he said.

“Look at the public service, hospitals have no medicines and in the meantime you want to spend time in New York or London. We will not give up, I have not been to prison but I can assure you that I won’t give up, we fought Kaunda, we fought Chiluba’s third term and now we are fighting this one who is a foreigner,” Mulongoti said.

And Mwamba said the suffering that Zambians were experiencing was unprecedented since 1964.

“It is unheard of because of poor leadership…it is about time that we rose to the occasion, it is about time we needed proper leadership, a leader like HH,” he said.

On peace and unity, Mwamba said traditional leaders had demonstrated that Zambians needed to be united.

“We need to unite, Zambia needs to be one. There is no need to be tribal. My relatives have married Tongas but when it becomes to politics that is when it is tribal! HH cannot become President because he is a Tonga! Come on, that is nonsense, that

is stupid,” he added.

Chief Munkonge ,who was the guest of honour at this year’s Bene Mukuni Traditional Ceremony held at Simukale Shrine in Livingstone, said

Zambia was a land of tranquillity, peace and harmony.

“I stand here because of unity and love. There is nowhere to go, we only have this country and I will kneel down in front of chief Mukuni to thank him for inviting me all the way from Kasama to grace this ceremony and I invite him to the wedding of my daughter in Kasama,” said chief Munkonge while kneeling down.

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  1. Haajanika

    June 13, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Yes we need unity. We are one people, so let’s stop calling each other names.

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