Phiri urges Sinda council management to work extra hard in the remaining three years of PF govt

SINDA council chairperson Michael Phiri has advised the local authority’s management to work hard as PF government has only governed for two years and is remaining with three years. Speaking during a full council meeting last Friday, Phiri urged Sinda council management to ensure that scheduled projects are implemented because those were the winning points of the Patriotic Front government.

He was commenting on UPND Mnyamanzi ward councillor Archangel Banda who complained about lack of work on the 17.5kms township roads thereby putting councillors under pressure to explain to the people.

“I am just concerned that last year during full council we had complained about the potholes which are now like drainages in this road that goes to Kambauwa. We where promised that the road is on programme [to be worked on] but sure up to now there is nothing and that puts us in difficult situations because we need to explain to the people…” said Banda.

Phiri acknowledged the councillor’s complaint over the road as genuine.

“It’s true, the worry of the councillors and all of us is that we have already served two years in office and we are remaining with three and what is happening in the community, that is our strength as the party in government. So our request from management is please don’t change goalposts, let’s be serious with what we do and avoid contradictions. Don’t tell us this and the next time you tell us the other thing. Let things be uniform,” Phiri said.

“Please management do a better job, don’t crucify yourselves with mixed statements because these councillors follow what is written in these reports but to say [things that are] different from the report then you are crucifying yourselves. Analyse things and examine them before you print them out….”

Meanwhile, Kapoce ward councillor Peter Miti said the council is moving two steps forward and five steps backwards. He was complaining over the delay in fully disbursing of last year’s Constituency Development Funds, which he said was only released partially. He said only half of the CDF was released and the other half was still being awaited.


“It’s true we don’t know what is happening and management, what you should know is that we are the ones people reach on things we promised as government. Now this CDF comes in half, half, how can we develop our areas? It’s like we are moving two steps forward and five steps backwards, meaning we are not progressing. But I wish to thank the management for completing the VIP toilets at Nyamtuma clinic,” he said.

Miti further expressed worry at the rate at which councillors were misuing public resources. He was commenting on a report that indicated that Mnyamanzi councillor Archangel Banda shared some materials for the bridge together with the committee.


“The committee together with the area councillor sat to agreed on how to share the remaining materials and decided to give a school nine iron sheets, 5 by 20 litres of PVA paint, an action which is misappropriation of public funds as none of the committee members or the councillor had authority to share the items,” read part of the report.

And Matambazi councillor Ransom Besa wondered why Sable was almost fully paid for the bus station and parking yard project when the job was not complete.

“I seek an explanation as to why Sable company was paid this K161,852.77 out of K162,134.20 when he has not completed the job. What if he fails to do the remaining job, what will you do? These are the things we should entirely avoid,” advised Besa.

And vice council chairperson Malo Phiri advised councillors to be good advocators of development in their communities.

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