UNZA ‘witchcraft’ stories untrue – Siliya

CHIEF government spokesperson Dora Siliya says UNZA has not introduced any course in witchcraft.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, Siliya said the government had not allowed the teaching of witchcraft at the University of Zambia and that the social media stories were “totally untrue”.

Responding to social media reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage which was linked to witchcraft, Siliya said the statement given by Dr Charles Ndakala, the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO secretary general, did not, in any way, say the University of Zambia would be teaching witchcraft.

Dr Ndakala’s statement stated that despite efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage, there were cases of destruction of priceless culture heritage in certain countries, which threatened traditions and customs.

“I have heard and seen in the paper today that there is a lot of discussion on witchcraft being taught at the University of Zambia and this is a result of the meeting that took place I believe yesterday or the day before at which people are insinuating that the UNESCO country commissioner talked about witchcraft…I have here with me the statement given by the commissioner, his name is Dr Charles Ndakala…nowhere in his statement does it refer to witchcraft,” said Siliya.

“The whole basis of this statement is to share with the nation that the University of Zambia, government with the support of UNESCO, has begun a programme at the University which has to do with Intangible Culture Heritage and in this statement, many examples have been given as this to refer to music, to refer to dances, to refer to proverbs, to refer to any cultural practices that are intangible. This is part of what UNESCO supports…There is nowhere government has allowed the teaching of witchcraft at the University of Zambia, that’s totally untrue….”

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