Munkombwe was a versatile politician – VJ


DANIEL Munkombwe was politically versatile and lived a life dedicated to the country and I hope the youths of Zambia will be able to learn one or two things from his legacy, says Vernon Mwaanga. And Mwaanga, who is Munkombwe’s cousin, says Munkombwe was a fearless man, who participated in the liberation struggles in Zambia and other Southern African countries.

Confirming the death of the veteran politician, who served in President Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and Michael Sata’s governments in various portfolios but mainly as Southern Province minister, Mwaanga said Munkombwe’s political career, which began in 1955, transcended tribes.

“I can confirm with sadness that my cousin, my elder cousin Daniel Munkombwe has passed on in the Livingstone Central Hospital after a long illness. He has been in and out of hospital in Livingstone, Choma, UTH (Lusaka) and South Africa but sadly today he succumbed to illness…he has been politically versatile, he was in ANC, UNIP, MMD, PF and UPND. He lived a very dedicated life with a high sense of commitment to the country and I hope the young generation in Zambia can learn one or two things from his life,” Mwaanga said.

He said Munkombwe was a dedicated freedom fighter who wanted peace, unity and justice for all Zambians.
“He was a dedicated nationalist who will be missed by the family and many Zambians. His political life transcended tribes. He was brought up by my dad, my father paid for his education in Zimbabwe and even paid for his lobola (bride price) when he married. He lived with us for a long time in Livingstone. He was a very hard working person and I hope that the youths of Zambia will learn from him,” Mwaanga said.

He said he would soon make an announcement over burial arrangements. Mwaanga said Munkombwe would be buried at his farm in Choma. He said Munkombwe lived a polygamous life and that he would announce how many children, grandchildren or great grand children he has left behind him once the family has done a head count.

Munkombwe, who died at Livingstone Central Hospital yesterday minutes after being taken into the intensive care unit, left the PF when President Lungu assumed leadership of the PF and he campaigned for HH in the 2016 presidential elections.
Apart from being critical of President Lungu’s administration, Munkombwe was also critical of the judiciary, which he once termed as having been invaded by clowns.

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